Ethical Considerations: Law, Foreign Policy, and the War on Terror
Alberto J. Mora, Dan Rather 11/02/2006
Former Navy General Counsel Alberto Mora fought to stop policies that authorized cruelty toward terror suspects. "Cruelty harms our nation's legal, foreign policy, and national security interests," says Mora. "I can't put it any plainer tha…
The Changing Role of Humanitarianism: A Study Guide to the Work of Bernard Kouchner
Bernard Kouchner 09/22/2004
A study guide to the work of Bernard Kouchner, co-founder of Medécins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders, including an excerpt from his book, Les Guerriers de la Paix [The Warriors of Peace], pu…
Waging Modern War
Wesley K. Clark 05/07/2003
Wesley Clark discusses the nature of modern war as exemplified by the NATO-led attack on Kosovo, for which he served as supreme commander. He argues that the war on terror cannot be won by military means alone, or even primarily, and that t…
The Mystery of Capital
Hernando de Soto
Universalism and Jewish Values
Michael Walzer 05/15/2001
Though they lacked any state or territory of their own, Jews nevertheless created a distinctive political philosophy, one that deserves systematic scholarly attention.
Kosovo: An Assessment in the Context of International Law
Richard Goldstone 05/12/2000
South African jurist Richard J. Goldstone, co-chairman of the International Independent Inquiry on Kosovo, traces the troubled history of the Albanian province of Kosovo after it was incorporated into the new Yugoslavia in 1945.
National Interest in the Information Age
Joseph S. Nye, Jr. 05/12/1999
Nye provides several reasons why the information age is likely to enhance rather than diminish American power.
Directions in U.S. Foreign Policy: Interests and Ideals
Anthony Lake 05/12/1998
On the one hand, more people (in Africa, Asia, and elsewhere) are living in democracies, thanks in large part to globalization. On the other, there has been an erosion of national sovereignty, with governments ceding power to international …
Human Rights and Asian Values
May 25, 1997
Amartya Sen
The Future of the United States as a Great Power
William Pfaff 05/26/1996
William Pfaff points to the danger the U.S. will face if it continues to hark back to a mythical, isolationist past. He urges American leaders to take up the moral and political responsibility demanded of a great power, which includes encou…
The New Dimensions of Human Rights
May 26, 1995
Zbigniew Brzezinski
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