Carnegie New Leaders

In today’s world of geopolitical upheaval and global economic transformation, where can young leaders go to truly understand the power of ethical leadership, its impact on multilateral cooperation and collaboration, as well as how it applies in their professional and personal lives?

Carnegie Ethics Fellows

The Carnegie Ethics Fellowship is a space for talented professionals to develop their capabilities and be examples of values-driven responsible leadership. Fellows will collaborate on projects curated by Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, where they will have the opportunity to contribute to work that has deep connections to both New York and the broader world.

The two-year Fellowship is structured to develop the next generation of ethical leaders from business, government, academia, and non-governmental organizations. The Fellowship is part of Carnegie Council’s significant commitment to developing ethics in leadership and to the communities of experts that work toward this end, aligning the power of decision-making with reflective right action.

We are currently accepting applications and will be interviewing candidates, closing the process once a cohort is filled. Click here to apply. Application deadline is November 18.

Those selected as Carnegie Ethics Fellows will have access to a unique set of benefits:

Leadership Cohort

A leadership cohort nested in a set of Carnegie Council leadership communities—its expert network, its affiliate network, and the alumni network that will grow from the Fellowship.

Tailored Curriculum

A two-year curriculum with sponsored/endorsed modules for personal-professional development curated by Carnegie Council and its partners. Collaborative opportunities that connect the leadership cohort to the world through institutions, themes, and projects.

Custom Network & Events

An inclusive and open space to foster deeper discussion, to cultivate new relationships through shared experiences, and to broaden networks across industries, sectors, and communities.

Thought Leadership Platform

Opportunities for thought leadership, publication, and content creation in collaboration with Carnegie Council in order to reach a global audience.

Commitment for Selected Fellows:

  • Participation in three experiential modules per year for a total of nine to ten days per year (Weekends will be prioritized, and Carnegie Council will provide documentation as needed for employers)
  • Elective participation in activities that support the leadership framework (Virtual events, meetings, learning journeys, salons, and more)
  • Working with a team on the delivery of a group project curated by Carnegie Council
  • Respect and support for cohort members, the Fellowship, and Carnegie Council’s mission of empowering ethics

Candidate Qualifications

  • Career level with growing leadership responsibilities
  • A drive for values-focused leadership in personal endeavors as well as at the international level
  • A desire to develop personally and understand the connection to large-scale outcomes
  • The ability to work in multicultural, multisectoral, and/or multistakeholder teams
  • The ability to collaborate effectively with others
  • Ages 25-35 (exceptions are possible but limited)
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