Carnegie Ethics Accelerator

A New Incubator to Empower Ethics in the Face of Rapidly Evolving Challenges in Technology and Public Policies

We live in a moment when new ethical questions are emerging at an exponential rate.

Society faces significant challenges in the realm of international affairs—from the impact of rapidly evolving technologies such as AI to the rise of autocrats and accelerating climate change.

Too often, new public policies, technologies, and products are developed, deployed, and co-opted with haste by actors who view ethics as an encumbrance rather than a requisite.

The Carnegie Ethics Accelerator is a response to this moment.

To learn more, please read the Accelerator announcement press release or contact Mihaela Papa, Carnegie Council's Director of Programs at [email protected].

“The Accelerator is Carnegie Council’s answer to the need to be nimble in response to fast-moving issues in applied ethics,” said Joel Rosenthal, Carnegie Council's president. “The team and I are delighted to be working with the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation.”

Accelerator Team

Mihaela Papa

Director of Programs, Carnegie Council

Samuel Bradshaw

Digital Communications Manager, Carnegie Council

Kathleen Egan DelBello

Program Associate, Carnegie Council