How the World Ran Out of Everything, with Peter S. Goodman

June 12, 6:00pm ET, Virtual

After four years of showcasing how global news impacts your daily life, The Doorstep podcast will be ending in June. And for its final podcast, book talk, and live event, co-hosts Tatiana Serafin and Nikolas Gvosdev will be joined by New York Times reporter Peter Goodman to discuss his new book How the World Ran Out of Everything and how geopolitics is connected to the goods that literally end up on our doorstep. How can paying more attention to how we get the things that we need protect the fate of our global fortunes?

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Unlocking Cooperation: Climate Change and Human Mobility

June 20, 6:00pm ET, Virtual

On World Refugee Day, Carnegie Council invites you to attend a critical discussion on enhancing multilateral cooperation at the intersection of climate change and human mobility, the second event in the Council’s “Unlocking Cooperation” series. As extreme weather events and rising sea levels increasingly threaten coastal and island populations, particularly Small Island Developing States (SIDS), the panel will explore the urgent need for innovative and inclusive policies, guided by ethical considerations, to address climate-induced displacement and migration.

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