Chatham House

Chatham House in London. CREDIT: Wongleism (CC).

Ethics of Dealing with Authoritarians

March 28, 2023, 12pm GMT

In 2022, the Biden administration called upon the world's democracies to unite against a rising tide of autocracy. Through its messaging, conferences, and op-eds, the U.S. and its allies presented the public with a binary choice: democracy or autocracy. But in today's world, and the practice of international relations, the choice is rarely this simple.

In conversation with Leslie Vinjamurri, Carnegie Council President Joel Rosenthal will visit Chatham House to discuss how democracies and multilateral institutions can leverage ethics as a tool to assess concerns and tradeoffs when engaging with illiberal actors. Can democracies afford to be adversarial with certain countries or overly selective in cooperation when facing global-scale challenges such as climate change and the emergence of AI? How can democracies simultaneously defend human rights and promote open societies while still engaging with leaders from non-democratic states as strategic allies?

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