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Unlocking Cooperation: A Global Ethics Day Special Event

In this keynote event for Global Ethics Day 2023, Carnegie Council President Joel Rosenthal led a conversation with MIT's Erez Yoeli and Tufts University's Abiodun Williams on the psychology behind cooperation; ways that states, institutions, NGOs, and businesses can work together; and how we can all create the conditions for enhanced cooperation.

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Mapping the Impact of Data Fusion on Freedom, Security, and Human Rights

Today, communities are experiencing the effects of the widespread adoption by law enforcement of data fusion technology: automated software for correlating and fusing surveillance data from a growing web of sources. This virtual panel discussion explores the impact of data fusion and examines critical ethical questions around its development and use. This panel was moderated by Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Arthur Holland Michel and featured an exclusive unveiling of a new educational tool to map the effects of data fusion.

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