The mission of Carnegie Council is to empower ethics by identifying and addressing the most critical ethical issues of today and tomorrow.

Since our founding by Andrew Carnegie over a century ago, we have worked to empower ethics as a way to discover common values and interests that can lead to a better future.

As an independent, research-driven nonprofit, we set the global ethical agenda and work for an ethical future by:

  • Identifying current and future critical ethical issues that affect business and politics, education and journalism, religion and science, and the armed forces.
  • Convening leading experts and thinkers to generate ethical solutions to global problems.
  • Creating communities and activating constituencies by embracing multilateralism and exploring shared values.
  • Framing ethical perspectives, broadcasting, publishing, educating, and engaging with audiences around the world.

Through our Impact Initiatives, Global Ethics Studio, Ethics Accelerator, Carnegie New Leaders (CNLs) program, and Ethics & International Affairs journal, we serve as the world’s catalyst for ethical action.

Carnegie Council is a non-profit 501(c) (3) institution.


  • 100,000+ followers on our social media feeds.

  • Our podcasts are downloaded over 25,000 times per month.

  • Ethics & International Affairs journal, published through Cambridge University Press, is used in hundreds of classrooms in 32 countries.

  • Our website is part of the U.S. Library of Congress collection of Public Policy Internet Materials.

Statement of Values

As an organization with "ethics" in its name, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs is built on a foundation of shared values.

This Statement of Values is an expression of these shared values and the organization’s commitment to do its best to live by them.

Among our values are:

  • Ongoing Commitment to Ethical Behavior
  • Personal and Professional Integrity
  • Respect for Differences
  • Pursuit of Intellectual Excellence
  • Innovation and Resourcefulness
  • Diversity and Inclusiveness
  • Accountability and Transparency (including openness, honesty, trust).
  • Loyalty to Mission

Although related to Carnegie organizations through our founder and principal benefactor Andrew Carnegie, we are separate from other Carnegie philanthropies. Half of our program activities are funded through an endowment, with other funds coming from grants, gifts, subscriptions, and the generous donations of our supporters.

Carnegie Council gratefully acknowledges the support of: Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Uehiro Foundation on Ethics and Education, the Henry Luce Foundation, Rockefeller Family & Associates, the Dillon Fund, the Robert J. Myers Fund, and the V.K. Rasmussen Foundation.

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