Carnegie Council Launches New Global Ethics Weekly Podcast on International Affairs

Jul 18, 2018

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs announces the launch of Global Ethics Weekly, a podcast series that connects current events to Carnegie Council resources through conversations with the organization’s Senior Fellows. To listen to these podcasts, go to the Global Ethics Weekly webpage or access them on iTunes.

Global Ethics Weekly is hosted and written by Alex Woodson, a Carnegie Council producer and editor who previously worked on the long-running Global Ethics Forum (GEF) television series. Much like the TV series, which ended its nine-season run in June 2018, Global Ethics Weekly will look at current issues in international affairs from an ethical perspective.

Global Ethics Weekly will also draw on and feature excerpts from Carnegie Council's extensive archive of political and ethical analysis by many of the world’s most distinguished political scientists and policymakers, including resources from the Public Affairs Program, Ethics Matter Interview Series, Asia Dialogues, and U.S. Global Engagement Program. Topics so far have included North Korea, President Trump and NATO defense spending, and Viktor Orbán's Hungary and the EU.

The podcast is produced in collaboration with the Carnegie Ethic Studio’s audio engineer Terence Hurley and executive producer Deborah Carroll, and Carnegie Council’s communications director Madeleine Lynn.

"Through my work on Global Ethics Forum and our various program series over the past six years, I have built up a deep knowledge of Carnegie Council’s archive," said Woodson. "I am excited to work with the Studio to use Global Ethics Weekly to keep the archive relevant and highlight the excellent work of our fellows. As we see from our statistics, there is an immense appetite for podcasts. We are confident that our current audience will enjoy this new series and that we’ll find lots of new listeners. As the news cycle has shortened and media consumption habits have changed significantly in the past few years, we all agree that this is a natural and necessary evolution for the Studio.”

Global Ethics Weekly will feature a rotating roster of guests, including:

Carnegie Council President Joel Rosenthal, who is also chairman of the Bard College Globalization and International Affairs (BGIA) program;

Senior Fellow Nikolas Gvosdev, director of Carnegie Council’s U.S. Global Engagement program and professor of national security affairs at the U.S. Naval War College;

Senior Fellow Devin Stewart, director of the Asia Dialogues program;

Senior Fellow Kavitha Rajagopalan, an expert on migration and urban communities and senior fellow at the World Policy Institute;

Senior Fellow Alexander Görlach, affiliate professor at Harvard University in the "in Defense of Democracy" program by the F. D. Roosevelt Foundation at Adams House, who currently focuses on narratives of identity, liberal democracy, secularism, and pluralism.

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