Devin T. Stewart

Former Senior Fellow, Senior Program Director, and CNL Staff Adviser, Carnegie Council

It is with a heavy heart that we announce Devin Stewart passed away in March 2021.

Stewart had been living in Tokyo. He had become Opinion Editor at the Japan Times after working in recent months with the Eurasia Group Foundation and the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

We will always be grateful to Devin for his many contributions to life at Carnegie Council, including his leadership of the Global Ethics Fellows, Centennial Symposia, Thought Leaders Forum, Asia Dialogues, and Carnegie New Leaders program. This list of accomplishments does not begin to register Devin’s impact on the countless people around the world who benefitted from his insight, empathy, joy, and humor.

In his honor please donate to this worthy rescue charity, Magnificat Rescue.

Featured Work

Shanghai, June 2018. CREDIT: <a href="">Trey Ratcliff</a> <a href="">(CC)</a>

JUL 9, 2019 Podcast

International Migrants in China's Global City, with James Farrer

Is China becoming an immigrant society? Why do foreigners move to the country? What can we learn by studying Shanghai's international community? James Farrer, a ...

JUL 1, 2019 Podcast

Italy Considers China's Belt & Road, with Giulio Pugliese

King's College's Giulio Pugliese and Senior Fellow Devin Stewart discuss the political climate in Italy, with the Northern League and the Five Star Movement representing ...

Meeting of leaders at the Belt and Road International Forum, May 2017, Beijing. CREDIT: <a href=""> Russian Presidential Press & Information Office (CC)</a>

JUN 5, 2019 Podcast

China, Surveillance, and "Belt & Road" with Joshua Eisenman

Just back from China, Sinologist (and fluent Mandarin speaker) Joshua Eisenman discusses the pervasive camera surveillance and facial recognition systems there; the omnipresent power of "...

The Opening Ceremony of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. CREDIT: <a href="">wuqiang_beijing (CC)</a>

MAY 31, 2019 Podcast

China, the Olympics, & Influence, with Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian

Washington DC-based journalist Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian speaks with Senior Fellow Devin Stewart about a new article she authored in "The Atlantic" with Senior Fellow Zach Dorfman ...

MAY 29, 2019 Podcast

China's Political Influence on Democracies, with Sarah Cook & Isaac Stone Fish

China is radically expanding its strategy to wield influence in the domestic politics of other countries. This information campaign is designed partly to bolster China's ...

MAY 20, 2019 Podcast

Religion & Politics in Southeast Asia, with Nava Nuraniyah

Nava Nuraniyah, an analyst at the Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict (IPAC) in Jakarta, Indonesia, speaks with Senior Fellow Devin Stewart about the recent ...

MAY 10, 2019 Podcast

Indonesia's General Election, with Marcus Mietzner

Marcus Mietzner of Australian National University speaks with Senior Fellow Devin Stewart about the results of the general election last month in Indonesia, one that ...

Josephine Marrocco.  CREDIT: Amanda Ghanooni

MAY 10, 2019 Article

Sex, Drugs, and Propaganda: Why AIDS Persists in the Russian Federation

On May 3, 2019, Josephine Marrocco's presentation on HIV/AIDS in Russia was selected as the winner of the Council's fifth annual Student Research Conference. Afterwards, Carnegie ...

China's President Xi Jinping and Taiwan's then-President Ma Ying-jeou in Singapore, 2015. CREDIT: <a href="">Taiwan Presidential Office</a> <a href="">(CC)</a>

APR 4, 2019 Podcast

China's Influence on Democracies in Asia, with Joshua Kurlantzick

As part of Carnegie Council's Information Warfare podcast series, Devin Stewart interviews Joshua Kurlantzick about his recent project on Chinese media and influence campaigns and ...

MAR 20, 2019 Podcast

Computational Propaganda, with Nick Monaco

In this in-depth conversation, Oxford Internet Institute researcher Nick Monaco reviews the history of computational propaganda (online disinformation), which goes back almost two decades and ...