Global Ethics Weekly: A "Peace Regime" on the Korean Peninsula?

July 12, 2018

In this new podcast series, we'll be connecting current events to Carnegie Council resources through conversations with our Senior Fellows. This week, Devin Stewart discusses how his essay defending the Singapore Summit holds up a month later. Plus, he and host Alex Woodson speak about Mike Pompeo's strange and unproductive trip to Pyongyang, what a "peace regime" could look like, and the prospects for a unified Korean Peninsula.

For more, check out Stewart's essay "In Defense of the Trump-Kim Summit" and last month's podcast with Woodson and Phil Caruso. Stewart also directs the Asia Dialogues Program and is the host of the new Information Warfare podcast series.

This podcast also discussed Bloomberg's July 8 article "Inside Pompeo's Fraught North Korea Trip" and touches on many of the same points as the July 11 Washington Post article "Trump should learn to live with a nuclear North Korea."

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