For the first time in the post-war era, the bipartisan consensus in American foreign policy around the broad parameters of "pragmatic internationalism" is in serious doubt. This consensus views the sustained deployment of U.S. power around the world as indispensable for managing an international system which promotes peace and stability through greater integration and interconnection.

In addition, this bipartisan consensus assumed a linkage between the promotion of American interests and American values, especially in the fields of democracy and human rights. Donald Trump's election has marked the first time in the modern era that a U.S. President does not automatically share those assumptions. The 2016 campaign also revealed the extent to which the narrative that sustains "pragmatic internationalism" has collapsed for a significant portion of the American electorate. Meanwhile, other world powers are stepping in to fill the vacuum.

In this context, Carnegie Council's U.S Global Engagement program (USGE) seeks to: reshape wider discussions on American foreign policy to seriously address the causes and consequences of U.S. disengagement; move ethical considerations to the center of policymakers' thinking about international relations; and inform democratic citizens' understanding of international affairs, global engagement, and U.S. foreign policymaking.

USGE gratefully acknowledges the support for its work from the following:

  • Carnegie Corporation of New York
  • Rockefeller Family & Associates

The USGE program has recently started The Doorstep podcast, co-hosted by Tatiana Serafin and Nikolas Gvosdev. 

The Doorstep is an innovative international news podcast that invites listeners to recognize that all global news is local in a borderless internet. Each week, Serafin and Gvosdev will tackle new topics and regions discussing why they matter to a rising young electorate changing the shape of the United States today.

Listeners are encouraged to send questions in via Twitter, to @TatianaSerafin or @CarnegieCouncil, or via

Doorstep podcasts

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November 20, 2020: The U.S. & Latin America under Joe Biden with the Wilson Center's Cynthia Arnson

November 5, 2020: The World Waits for the Next U.S. President, with Professor Tom Nichols

October 23, 2020: America in the Middle East & the "Caliphate" Controversy, with NYU's Mohamad Bazzi

October 9, 2020: Spy Games & Trump's Health, Pence vs. Harris, & Europe's Refugee Crisis, with Politico's Nahal Toosi

September 25, 2020: Financial Scandals, Trump vs. Biden, & What To Do About China


October 15, 2020: The Democratic Community: A Path for U.S. Engagement? with Ash Jain

September 29, 2020: Great Power Competition: What Role Does It Play in the 2020 Presidential Race? with Ali Wyne

September 17, 2020: What is Asia to the U.S.? Connecting the Pacific Region to the American Doorstep, with Christopher Hill

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May 29, 2020: Vox Populi: What Americans Think About Foreign Policy, with Dina Smeltz & Mark Hannah

April 17, 2020: Fractured Globalization & Dissolving Ethics, with Nikolas Gvosdev