Media Mentions

NOV 25, 2013 News

Savulescu: Many Performance Enhancing Drugs are Legal

Global Ethics Fellow Julian Savulescu appeared on BBC's "HARDtalk" to discuss performance enhancing drugs in sports. Since current rules are arbitrary and unenforceable, he argues, ...

NOV 20, 2013 News

Machiavelli Was Right

"We should not choose leaders who agonize, worrying about the moral hazards of the power they exercise in the people’s name," argues Centennial Chair ...

NOV 18, 2013 News

An Academy for Global Civics

In order to navigate our increasing interdependence, we need a mental map to help us decide what sort of a rapport we wish to have ...

NOV 7, 2013 News

False Confessions: NYC Still Struggles in Aftermath of Central Park Five

This article about the infamous "Central Park Five" case cites a talk given at Carnegie Council by New York City police commissioner Raymond Kelly in ...

NOV 1, 2013 News

Rajyotsava: the Celebration of Statehood

In this essay for "Dna India," Global Ethics Fellow Rajeev Gowda reflects on the evolution of Indian states. Indian states underwent a major reorganizing in 1956, ...

OCT 31, 2013 News

Michael Ignatieff Presents Inaugural Lecture for Washington and Lee University's Mudd Center for Ethics

What role should democratic deliberation play in decisions about whether or not to engage in human-rights interventions? In the inaugural lecture of Washington and Lee ...

OCT 30, 2013 News

Corporators, Youth Join Hands to Clean up Bangalore

Global Ethics Fellow Rajeev Gowda's Civic Action Internship programme was featured in an article on "" Interns celebrated Gowda's birthday by cleaning up Frazer ...

OCT 22, 2013 News

Should Athletes Be Allowed to Use Performance Enhancing Drugs?

Should athletes be allowed to use performance enhancing drugs? In this "BMJ" Head to Head feature, bioethicist and Global Ethics Fellow Julian Savulescu argues that ...

OCT 16, 2013 News

The Benefits of a "de-Americanized" World

In this Reuters piece, Zachary Karabell reflects on the potential benefits of the U.S. decline from its position as a global hegemon. Could the ...

OCT 10, 2013 News

Leveson Press Regulation Latest: Reactions

Senior fellow David Speedie was asked by "The Drum" to weigh in on the current debate in the UK over regulating the press industry. The ...

Press Releases

JAN 15, 2005 News

Council Launches Global Policy Innovations Program

An article from Belgian newspaper De Tijd discusses Guy Verhofstadt's visit to the United States, highlighting his Carnegie Council talk. The article focuses on his ...

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JAN 1, 2001 News

Join Our Annual Teach-in! Global Ethics Day, October 18, 2017

October 18 is Global Ethics Day! Why not hold an event exploring the role of ethics in international affairs? These events will be run by each ...

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