Council Launches Global Policy Innovations Program

Jan 15, 2005


The Council recently became home to the Global Policy Innovations (GPI) program, which aims to provide a range of innovative policy choices to decision makers and advocates in search of a more ethical model of globalization. Started in 2004 with support from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, GPI will have its full launch in March 2005.

"Poverty and social inequity continue to undermine the creative and productive potential of communities throughout the world, and standard, one-size-fits-all policies simply don’t work well," say Jerry Maldonado and Nadia Roumani, GPI program managers. "A more sophisticated range of choices, tools and strategies is required for developing economies to gain legitimacy."

To help meet this need, GPI works with a range of partners, including established experts and emerging thinkers and constituencies, to identify and promote innovative solutions for achieving a more equitable global economic system.

GPI operates on an "incubator" model--moving good ideas from theory to implementation as real policy. It also provides a platform where information, ideas, and contacts can be dynamically exchanged. As a program of the Carnegie Council, GPI is well positioned to provide the development community with the following tools:

  • A forum in which leading thinkers in research, politics and advocacy can meet to develop and debate positive alternatives to economic stagnation.
  • A network of global innovative thinkers.
  • Media outreach to editorial and news elites, local, national and international.
  • Access to global decision makers in the developed and developing world and from the public and private sector.
  • Constituency building within the policymaking, advocacy, academic and business communities.

"The Carnegie Council is an ideal base for forging partnerships with a wide array of actors who have a stake in proposing practical policies for surmounting the challenges of economic globalization," comments Council President Joel Rosenthal. "Because we are nonpartisan, representatives from civil society, academia, government, the media, intergovernmental organizations, and foundations can feel comfortable gathering here for frank and open dialogue on creative policy choices. In addition, the program ties into the broader work of the Carnegie Council on global social justice."

The coming year promises a lot of activity:

Launching of, a Web-based resource that aims to connect widely scattered organizations and individuals who are working on social and economic policy proposals at the national, regional, and global levels. NOTE: The site will be available after the full project launch in April 2005. Globalization and Development Forum (GDF): Event series that brings together academics, policymakers, advocates, and members of the media for strategic dialogues on policy proposals for new global development agendas. Combining the economic expertise of scholars with the practical experience of political leaders and activists, GDF serves to inform and expand the range of innovative solutions available for promoting a more ethical development framework. NOTE: This forum builds on the work of the Social Science Research Council. U.S. Dialogues: Program series that aims to broaden the global development debate by injecting new voices from developing and developed countries into public discussion in the United States. Publications including short review papers, visual aids, and policy briefs: The project intends to develop a portfolio of products that can be strategically disseminated and targeted at key audiences.

For more information, contact GPI program managers Jerry Maldonado and Nadia Roumani at [email protected].

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