Global Policy Innovations Launches Its New Website

Jul 25, 2005


The Carnegie Council is pleased to announce that its Global Policy Innovations program has launched its new website,

Started in January 2005, GPI is committed to exploring new approaches to global development and economic policymaking—approaches that foster human dignity, opportunity, and freedoms. Reaching these goals means expanding the range of choices and tools available to policymakers so that they can improve the living standards of their constituents.

"We believe that democratizing global policymaking in this manner requires a renewed focus on the causes—not just the symptoms—of global poverty and inequality," say Jerry Maldonado and Nadia Roumani, GPI program managers. "It also requires more forward-looking development strategies that promote decent work, investment in people, and productive and sustainable communities."

The GPI website provides an overview of the Carnegie Council's evolving programming in these areas, and is intended as a growing information resource on economic democracy. GPI looks forward to your feedback on this web portal as it continues to develop.

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