Media Mentions

SEP 27, 2013 News

Alibaba Looks West

In this Reuters piece, Zachary Karabell argues that Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba's rumored New York IPO tells us something important about the state of U....

SEP 21, 2013 News

Why Michael Ignatieff is Glad He Entered Politics

"People sometimes ask me whether, looking back now, I think my political career was a mistake," writes Michael Ignatieff, Carnegie Council Centennial chair and former ...

SEP 21, 2013 News

Michael Ignatieff Writes of Hard Lessons Learned in Politics

Susan Delacourt, senior writer for the "Toronto Star," discusses Centennial chair and former Canadian opposition leader Michael Ignatieff's book "Fire and Ashes: Success and Failure ...

SEP 21, 2013 News

The Unsung Hero Who Coined the Term "Genocide"

In this "The New Republic" piece, Centennial Chair Michael Ignatieff recounts the life of Raphael Lemkin, who coined the term "genocide." A Jewish, Polish law ...

SEP 20, 2013 News

Cybersecurity Firm Founder Wants Companies to Be Able to "Hack Back" Against Hackers

An article for "The Daily Caller" on cybersecurity cites remarks made by Endgame Systems founder Chris Rouland during a Carnegie Council panel discussion. “I do ...

SEP 20, 2013 News

Founder Of Stealthy Security Firm Endgame To Lawmakers: Let U.S. Companies "Hack Back"

Chris Rouland hasn't spoken in public much since he created the secretive cybersecurity contractor Endgame five years ago, writes Andy Greenberg in "Forbes." But he ...

SEP 20, 2013 News

Russia Has Strong Grounds for Sense of Grievance

"When shall we move on from the tired shibboleths about Russia's "petulant obstructiveness" in international affairs?," asks senior fellow and program director David Speedie in ...

SEP 19, 2013 News

Deciding When to Use Force for Humane Reasons

Following Centennial Chair Michael Ignatieff's op-ed in the "New York Times" on what he terms "the duty to protect" civilians in Syria, the "Times" published ...

SEP 14, 2013 News

The Duty to Protect, Still Urgent

"In the future, the Security Council may be deadlocked about intervening, and presidents and prime ministers will have to turn instead to their people for ...

SEP 13, 2013 News

How to Save the Syrians

"Keeping open the threat of a limited, targeted strike on Assad, while negotiations over the chemical weapons program continue, is essential both for reaching a ...

Press Releases

JAN 15, 2005 News

Council Launches Global Policy Innovations Program

An article from Belgian newspaper De Tijd discusses Guy Verhofstadt's visit to the United States, highlighting his Carnegie Council talk. The article focuses on his ...

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JAN 1, 2001 News

Temporary Phone Number

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JAN 1, 2001 News

Join Our Annual Teach-in! Global Ethics Day, October 18, 2017

October 18 is Global Ethics Day! Why not hold an event exploring the role of ethics in international affairs? These events will be run by each ...