Framing ethical perspectives

Multilateralism refers to a group of nations working together for a common goal. It is at the heart of international relations as nation-states form alliances with like-minded countries to take on global issues, such as climate, emerging technology, inequality, and collective security. Carnegie Council sees multilateralism as essential to generating solutions to global problems and a critical component of an ethical present and future.

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Inclusivity, AI & climate governance, and more

DEC 9, 2021 Podcast

Ethics, Governance, and Emerging Technologies: A Conversation with the Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative (C2G) and Artificial Intelligence & Equality Initiative (AIEI)

Emerging technologies with global impact are creating new ungoverned spaces at a rapid pace. In this critical moment, frameworks and approaches to govern these technologies, ...

MAY 5, 2022 Podcast

The Doorstep: Can Putin Be Prosecuted for War Crimes? with NYU Law's Ryan Goodman

Ahead of a May 6 international conference in Lithuania on steps to create a tribunal to hold Russia accountable for alleged war crimes and genocide in ...