MIMC at the Conference on International Migration

May 3, 2024

On April 17, 2024, representatives from Carnegie Council's Model International Mobility Convention (MIMC) initiative took part in a panel discussion led by St. Francis College’s Forum on Migration as part of its Third Annual Conference on International Migration in Brooklyn, New York. The discussion focused on overcoming challenges and barriers to integration for newly arrived migrants and refugees, providing a platform for MIMC to spotlight its comprehensive approach in establishing responsibility-sharing mechanisms for States in responding to mixed flows of migration.

Susie Han, MIMC research fellow, at the International Conference on Migration, April 17, 2024, St. Francis College, Brooklyn, NY.

Susie Han, MIMC research fellow, at the International Conference on Migration, April 17, 2024, St. Francis College, Brooklyn, NY. CREDIT: Halyna Lemekh.

Throughout the session, panelists delivered thought-provoking presentations drawn from personal experiences navigating avenues for sustainable integration, discussing rhetoric on manufactured social crises, and addressing regional challenges in locations such as Romania and the Middle East.

MIMC contributed to the discussion by presenting a global perspective on current trends in human mobility, with a specific emphasis on the complex challenge of status determination in the Western Hemisphere.

One key highlight was the exposition of the protracted global displacement context and the increasing gap in durable solutions necessary for successful integration, such as resettlement, which currently remains accessible to less than 1 percent of refugees. Moreover, it was illuminated that while movement in the Americas constitutes only 19 percent of global migration trends, nearly half of this demographic is classified as "other people in need of international protection" and "others of concern," with 42 percent lodging new asylum claims globally.

This wealth of information underscored the urgent need for a timely, comprehensive, and equitable approach. MIMC articulated how its cumulative and holistic framework could address the growing gaps in protection, providing a broader ground for asylum and regulating the obligations of transit States. Specifically, the convention delineates the responsibilities of receiving States, including providing treatment at least as favorable as that accorded to nationals, issuing residence permits, prioritizing wage-earning employment for self-sufficiency, and ensuring access to housing and education.

The presentation also emphasized that genuine shared responsibilities through proposed mechanisms ensure the feasibility of MIMC's robust integration pathways, ultimately innovatively supporting and strengthening international protection efforts.

In conclusion, MIMC’s participation in St. Francis College’s Conference on International Migration underscores the critical importance of identifying gaps through dialogue and collectively innovating new approaches to address the increasingly complex issue of mixed migration. By fostering meaningful discussions and sharing insights from diverse perspectives, we are better equipped to confront the multifaceted challenges of integration and protection. Moving forward, it is imperative that we continue to collaborate across sectors and borders, leveraging our collective expertise to develop holistic solutions that prioritize the rights and well-being of migrants and refugees worldwide.

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs is an independent and nonpartisan nonprofit. The views expressed within this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of Carnegie Council.

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