Media Mentions

MAY 1, 2013 News

"'Can' Is Not the Same as 'Should'"

Regarding U.S. intervention in Syria: just because the U.S. 'can' doesn't mean it 'should,' writes program director and senior fellow David Speedie ...

APR 26, 2013 News

Japan-South Korean Rivalry Is Thorn in America’s Pivot

Devin Stewart, senior program director and senior fellow at Carnegie Council, is cited in this article by Talha Aquil and Anna Gawel.

APR 19, 2013 News

WSJ Ideas Calendar Features Sir David Cannadine's Talk

Sir David Cannadine's Carnegie Council talk, "The Undivided Past: Humanity Beyond Our Differences," was featured in the "Wall Street Journal" Ideas Calendar.

APR 16, 2013 News

Two Cheers for Laughtivism

Political activists everywhere are using mockery ridicule as a weapon. But is the case for "laughtivism overstated? Read this piece by Kei Hiruta, Carnegie-Uehiro Fellow ...

APR 15, 2013 News

Corruption during the BJP regime was extraordinary: Rajeev Gowda

Global Ethics Fellow Rajeev Gowda, answered questions from the IBN audience about the April 2013 assembly elections in Karnataka, India.

APR 8, 2013 News

Years Later, Secular Student Group Recognized On A Religious Campus: Here's How It Happened

In order to be truly inclusive, interfaith dialogue and collaboration must also include those without faith, write communications assistant Andreas Rekdal and interfaith activist Chris ...

APR 8, 2013 News

The String in the Maze: On What It Means to Be Human

"The LA Review of Books" featured a review of Sir David Cannadine's "The Undivided Past," written by "Ethics & International Affairs" assistant editor Zach Dorfman.

APR 8, 2013 News

Salmond speaks to Carnegie Council as part of Scotland Week

"The Edinburgh Reporter" reported on First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond's speech at Carnegie Council.

APR 7, 2013 News

Documentary "In My Lifetime"

"In My Lifetime" is a documentary about the ongoing struggle of nuclear weapons. It features a excerpt from a Carnegie Council talk by former U....

APR 6, 2013 News

Empathy needed now more than ever

In a talk at Princeton, First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond cited his previous speech at Carnegie Council.

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