Carnegie Council Contest Guidelines

Jan 1, 2001

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs wants to ensure that writers are credited for their work. Every year, we receive brilliant essays in our contests and we want to make sure that a) the work is yours and b) any ideas that are from someone else are properly cited.

Before submitting your essay, please review the checklist below so that your piece can properly be judged. ESSAY: 1. Did you write your essay yourself? Y/N 2. Did you copy any text in your essay? Y/N 2a. If you did copy text in your essay, is that text in quotation marks with proper citations? Y/N (The essay style is op-ed, however, so no footnotes please) 3. Did you paraphrase anything in your essay? Y/N 3a. If you paraphrased an idea in your essay, did you properly cite it (see example)? Y/N 4. Did you cite all the sources that you used in your essay? Y/N Before submitting your paper to Carnegie Council, make sure "yes" applies to 1, 2a, 3a, and 4. For more information on how to properly cite sources, please visit Purdue Online Writing Lab Research and Writing Resources.

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