Media Mentions

APR 5, 2013 News

Why Dictators Don’t Like Jokes

Grant Manager Mladen Joksic's co-authored piece "Why Dictators Don't Like Jokes" was featured in "Foreign Policy" magazine. The article was picked up by "Slate," "The ...

MAR 22, 2013 News

Human Rights and Democracy – Panel Discussion at McGill University with Joel Rosenthal and Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im

Video of a panel discussion at McGill University, with Carnegie Council President Joel Rosenthal and Emory Law's Charles Howard Candler Professor of Law Abdullahi Ahmed ...

MAR 11, 2013 News

The Missing Ethics of Mining

The "Ethics & International Affairs" article "The Missing Ethics of Mining," by Shefa Siegel was cited in a "Toronto Star" article entitled "Canada must do much ...

MAR 8, 2013 News

Drones: Legal, Ethical, and Wise?

On March 8, "Christian Science Monitor" featured an op-ed on drones by Carnegie Council President Joel Rosenthal. The piece was also picked up by

MAR 8, 2013 News

"Smuggled Refugees": The Social Construction of North Korean Migration

"International Migration 51:4" featured a paper on North Korean women and migration by Global Ethics Fellow Jiyoung Song.

FEB 28, 2013 News

Vagaries Across the Potomac

"The Financial Times" featured a letter to the editor by U.S. David Speedie, Carnegie Council program director and senior fellow, about the legislative vagaries ...

FEB 9, 2013 News

Saddam's Pistol, Ike's Speeches, and the Ethics of Gun Ownership

The San Jose "Mercury News" featured an op-ed by Carnegie Council President Joel Rosenthal on gun control.

FEB 1, 2013 News

Ethical Leaders Have A Vision for Helping Others

In February 2013, Global Thinkers Forum's website featured an interview with Devin Stewart, Carnegie Council senior program director and senior fellow.

JAN 17, 2013 News

A World Without a Moral Guidepost?

Political scientist Ian Bremmer's piece, "A World Without a Moral Guidepost," was featured in the "Huffington Post." This series is co-produced by Carnegie Council as ...

JAN 10, 2013 News

Review of "Dignity in Adversity: Human rights in Troubled Times" by Seyla Benhabib

"Political Studies Review 11:1" featured a book review by Kei Hiruta, Carnegie-Uehiro Fellow and Global Ethics Fellow.

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