Media Mentions

JUN 22, 2013 News

Chatterjee: The Ethics of Preventive War

Global Ethics Fellow Deen Chatterjee's edited volume The Ethics of Preventive War was featured in International Law Reporter.

JUN 20, 2013 News

Michael Ignatieff: "La tecnología le da a los gobiernos un "poder sin precedentes" y la prensa tiene que ser "mucho más fuerte" para controlarlo"

The Uruguayan weekly newspaper "Búsqueda," one of the two most influential political weekly newspapers in the country, featured a full-page interview with Centennial chair ...

JUN 13, 2013 News

Burma’s Reforms and Regional Cooperation in East Asia

Thein Sein, his advisors, and his closest allies are committed to the reform process and to improving Burma's image in the world--whether the majority of ...

JUN 6, 2013 News

Conciliatory Gul Makes His Mark in Turkey's Taksim Uprising

Global Ethics Fellow Hakan Altinay was quoted by the "Financial Times" in an article discussing the distinctive styles of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and ...

JUN 6, 2013 News

Mindsets May Hinder Progress in Myanmar

In this "Huffington Post" article, Senior Program Director and Senior Fellow Devin Stewart discusses the mental adjustments facing the Burmese, and the attitudes and expectations ...

JUN 6, 2013 News

Human Rights Expert and Former Politician Michael Ignatieff Leads Ethical Dialogue in South America

The "Wall Street Journal" website featured a Carnegie Council press release on the Council's Global Ethical Dialogues visit to Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil.

JUN 4, 2013 News

Dictator Month Kickoff: Laughtivism—How Humor is Transforming Non-Violent Struggle

Carnegie Council Grants Manager Mladen Joksic's co-authored piece launched's dictator appreciation month. An earlier version appeared in "Foreign Policy," titled "Why Dictators Don't ...

JUN 1, 2013 News

Letter of Last Resort: The Discussion

What would you tell the commander of the Trident submarine at sea to do if the UK was destroyed, and its leadership killed, by a ...

MAY 28, 2013 News

The Takeaway with John Hockenberry: European Union Ends Arms Embargo on Syrian Rebels

Program Director David Speedie appeared on WNYC's "The Takeaway With John Hockenberry," commenting on developments in the EU's Syria policies

MAY 28, 2013 News

National ChengChi University Press Release: Carnegie Council Ethics Fellows for the Future

National ChengChi University, Taiwan, announced that Milan Chen from Taiwan and Oumie Sissokho from Gambia have been appointed Ethics Fellows for the Future. Both are ...

Press Releases

MAY 20, 2005 News

Council to Host Fellows Presentations in Mid-June

Carnegie Council hosts presentations by 2004-2005 fellows on the findings of their year-long research projects.

MAY 6, 2005 News

Council Cosponsors Panel on Question of Torture

Learn more about Carnegie Council's 2005 cosponsored event on the ethics of torture.

APR 21, 2005 News

Carnegie Council Screens "Argentina: Hope in Hard Times"

Carnegie Council screens "Argentina: Hope in Hard Times" followed by a discussion with the documentary's filmmakers.

MAR 31, 2005 News

Spring Journal Features World Poverty Symposium

Access the Spring 2005 issue of Ethics and International Affairs journal featuring a symposium on world poverty.

JAN 15, 2005 News

Council Launches Global Policy Innovations Program

An article from Belgian newspaper De Tijd discusses Guy Verhofstadt's visit to the United States, highlighting his Carnegie Council talk. The article focuses on his ...

JAN 1, 2001 News

Join Our Annual Teach-in! Global Ethics Day, October 18, 2017

October 18 is Global Ethics Day! Why not hold an event exploring the role of ethics in international affairs? These events will be run by each ...

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