Global Ethics Weekly: U.S.-Russian Relations, Ukraine, & the G-20, with Nikolas Gvosdev

June 11, 2019

Following up on his talk with RAND analyst Ali Wyne on great-power competition, Senior Fellow Nikolas Gvosdev gives an update on U.S.-Russian relations, touching on the war in Eastern Ukraine, the crisis in Venezuela, and election interference. He also previews the upcoming G-20 Summit in Japan, with Trump possibly hampered by his domestic controversies and talk of impeachment. 

This article references Gvosdev's recent National Interest article, "Russia is Finally Getting the 'Great Power' Talks That It Always Wanted," and this July 2018 Global Ethics Weekly podcast on the Helsinki Summit. For more from Gvosdev, check out the resources from his U.S. Global Engagement program

For more on U.S.-Chinese relations, which also falls under "great-power competition," check out Devin Stewart's Asia Dialogues podcasts

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