Global Ethics Weekly: Helsinki, Singapore, & the Emerging Trump Doctrine

August 16, 2018

From the unprecedented Trump-Kim meeting, to what some call a treasonous press conference in Finland, to growing tensions between America and its closest allies, as well as its adversaries, this has been a historic summer for international affairs. RAND Corporation's Ali Wyne unpacks these developments and looks at a potentially busy September for North Korea and the continuing schism between Trump and his top foreign policy advisers.

This conversation is a follow-up to the July 26 Global Ethics Weekly with Nikolas Gvosdev and it touched on Wyne’s Asia Dialogues podcast with Devin Stewart from June 2017, Wyne’s recent Foreign Affairs article, and an open letter that he wrote two years ago about his concerns over then-candidate Trump’s foreign policy aspirations, which appeared in The American Interest in July 2016 and was signed by over 200 foreign policy observers.

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