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JAN 19, 2010 Article

Obama and God

As President Obama completes his first year in office, little attention has been given to a question that sparked raucous argument during the campaign. How ...

AUG 28, 2009 Article

Realism as Pragmatic Cooperation

I would like to begin my presentation by telling you a bit about the Carnegie Council—and specifically, the word “ethics” in our title. This ...

JUL 18, 2009 Article

Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism

Let me begin with a simple claim. We live today in a globalized world that challenges us morally. While globalization may be a fuzzy concept, ...

JUN 24, 2009 Article

Leadership as Practical Ethics

What does one need to know to be a leader in the field of public policy? I want to argue for the centrality of ethics ...

APR 14, 2009 Article

“The Current” Interviews Joel Rosenthal

Transcript of an interview with The Current, Columbia University’s undergraduate journal of contemporary politics, culture, and Jewish affairs.THE CURRENT: What does it mean ...