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Carnegie Council President Joel H. Rosenthal shares his latest insights and analysis, translating ethics, analyzing democracy, and examining our increasingly interconnected world.

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FEB 11, 2013 Article

Saddam’s Pistol, and Yours

In the current debate over gun regulation a simple point is being missed. Every citizen has the right to a gun. But shouldn’t every ...

SEP 19, 2012 Article

Peace: What Is It Good For?

A speech given as part of Yale Law School’s Global Consitutionalism Seminar 2012, convening on the occasion of the Centennial of Carnegie Corporation, New York, ...

AUG 24, 2012 Article

The Last Protestant?

The 2012 presidential election is surprising in one important respect. Protestants of various sects dominated national leadership until John F. Kennedy broke the barrier in 1960. Yet ...

MAR 27, 2012 Article

Ethics and War in Homer’s Iliad

When I was in 9th grade, confronting the Iliad for the first time, I had two questions. First, why is it so important that we ...

AUG 31, 2011 Article

In Search of a Global Ethic

A hundred years ago Andrew Carnegie thought that world politics was about to change forever. War would be abolished. Just as private war in the ...