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Carnegie Council President Joel H. Rosenthal shares his latest insights and analysis, translating ethics, analyzing democracy, and examining our increasingly interconnected world.

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AUG 31, 2011 Article

In Search of a Global Ethic

A hundred years ago Andrew Carnegie thought that world politics was about to change forever. War would be abolished. Just as private war in the ...

APR 18, 2011 Article

Carnegie Council President Joel Rosenthal on Global Ethics

Transcript of an interview by Zach Messite, KGOU local public radio, Norman, Oklahoma.ZACH MESSITE: What does it mean to have global ethics? How do ...

MAR 24, 2011 Article

Rahim Kanani Interviews Joel Rosenthal

Interview in World Affairs Commentary by RAHIM KANANI.RAHIM KANANI: As you observe U.S. foreign policy in the context of the recent and continued ...

FEB 24, 2011 Article

WAMC Radio's Alan Chartock Interviews Carnegie Council President Joel Rosenthal

Transcript of interview with Alan Chartock, WAMC Northeast Public Radio, first broadcast on February 24, 2011.

AUG 20, 2010 Article

Can We Succeed Where Carnegie Failed?

The same Dunfermline-born Andrew Carnegie who spent his wealth on funding libraries and other grand institutions across Britain and America died a disappointed man, having ...