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Carnegie Council President Joel H. Rosenthal shares his latest insights and analysis, translating ethics, analyzing democracy, and examining our increasingly interconnected world.

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AUG 31, 2004 Article

Ask the Candidates—and Ourselves

Election seasons are a time of bromides—easy claims of moral clarity and virtue. Yet elections can also heighten our awareness of important issues, encouraging ...

MAY 6, 2004 Article

From the Margins to the Mainstream: A Blueprint for Ethics and International Affairs

For me, the way into the study of ethics and international affairs begins with the concept of choice. Ethics is a reflection on the choices ...

MAR 4, 2004 Article

From Andrew Carnegie to Hans Morgenthau: A Lesson in Ethics and International Affairs

Carnegie and Morgenthau make an instructive pairing. Carnegie, an idealist, stood for “never again war,” while Morgenthau stood for “never again genocide.” Nobody wants to ...

AUG 19, 2003 Article

Shall We Call It An Empire?

The projection of American power inspires the great debate of our time. Is the United States a twenty-first century empire, and if so, what kind? ...

APR 22, 2003 Article

A New Turn in the New War

The war on terrorism began with moral clarity and a widely accepted road map for immediate action. For eighteen months there was strong international consensus ...