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SEP 24, 2013 Article

Ethics Primer Part II: Concepts and Methodologies

The core of ethics and international affairs can be accessed through three normative concepts: pluralism; rights and responsibilities; and fairness. A standard method of inquiry ...

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SEP 24, 2013 Article

Ethics Primer Part I: Background and Theories

The discipline of ethics begins with Socrates’ question: How should one live? Ethics is about choice. What values guide us? What standards do we use? ...

SEP 23, 2013 Article

Threats Beyond the Headlines

“The Fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.” So begins Isaiah Berlin’s essay, “The Hedgehog and Fox.” One year after ...

AUG 19, 2013 Article

Life, Money, and the Pursuit of Happiness

The day after the Moore, Oklahoma tornado of 2013, a single image dominated media coverage: a photo of the two-foot thick concrete and steel bank vault ...

MAR 5, 2013 Article

Drones: Legal, Ethical, and Wise?

The white paper released in February 2013 detailing the Obama administration’s policy on the use of drones for targeted killings has stirred plenty of controversy. ...