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DEC 16, 2008 Article

Pillars of Ethics

MAR 8, 2005 Article

America and the World: Ethical Dimensions to Power

A discussion between Joel H. Rosenthal, Michael J. Smith, William F. Felice, and Donald Eastman that took place March 8, 2005.It was the third in a ...

JAN 26, 2005 Article

Accountability: How to Treat Unlawful Combatants

If I were giving President Bush advice for his second term, I would argue that the new administration ought to establish an accountability mechanism–a ...

NOV 5, 2004 Article

Realism Reconsidered: A Tribute to James Chace

“James is somebody whom I admire for his many virtues. It is appropriate that we appear here tonight under the banner of “ethics.” James is ...

NOV 2, 2004 Article

New Rules for War?

In launching a campaign to disarm and liberate Iraq, the United States has crossed, some say hurdled across, two thresholds—one strategic, the other diplomatic. ...