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AUG 8, 2019 Article

Prioritizing the Linkages Between Sustainable Development Goals to Eradicate Child Marriage

"Child marriage is both a cause and consequence of the other societal ills outlined in the UN's Sustainable Development Goals," writes human rights attorney Megan ...

Gaza Beach, 2006. CREDIT: <a href="">Gus at Dutch Wikipedia/Public Domanin</a>

JUL 22, 2019 Article

The Failure of the Two-State Solution: Hope for Palestinian Youth

With the two-state solution facing obstacles from all sides, Palestinian youth need to "answer the urgent question of how to reframe the conflict discourse and ...

Flag-map of Honduras. CREDIT: Darwinek via <a href="">Wikipedia</a>

JUN 12, 2019 Article

The DEA in Honduras: Targeting Corruption in High Places

In Honduras, activists like Edwin Espinal are among the latest victims of a government whose level of corruption has made it incompatible with democratic development. ...

U.S. Soldier with Afghan-American interpreter in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. CREDIT: U.S. Armed Forces via <a href="">Wikimedia Commons</a>

MAY 13, 2019 Article

Immigration: A National Security Imperative

"The U.S. intelligence community is dependent on immigration to maintain language and cultural skills that protect American lives every day," writes military veteran Philip ...

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APR 9, 2019 Article

Ethical Implications of Climate Change for Education

"Education is often tied with privilege and who has access," writes Brian Mateo, assistant dean of civic engagement at Bard College. "Let us not continue ...

Elephant Butte Dam on the Rio Grande, central New Mexico (with low water level) CREDIT: David Groenfeldt

MAR 21, 2019 Article

On World Water Day: Think Globally, Act Ethically

"On this World Water Day (March 22) we urgently need a campaign to disrupt global complacency about protecting the planet's water. We adults, who are in ...

UN patrol team, Western Sahara. CREDIT: <a href="">UN Photo/Martine Perret</a>.

FEB 5, 2019 Article

A Chance for Peace in Western Sahara

"For over a century, the people of Western Sahara have been denied our fundamental right to decide our future," writes Sidi Omar, UN representative for ...

Opening ceremony of the Climate Summit COP 24 and Leaders Summit in Katowice, Poland, December 2, 2018. CREDIT: <a href="">UNclimatechange</a> <a href="">(CC)</a>

JAN 18, 2019 Article

After Katowice: Three Civil Society Strategies for Ratcheting Up Climate Ambition

The recent climate conference in Katowice, Poland was a milestone for the Paris Agreement, and it points to the role NGOs can play in encouraging ...

European Parliament, Strasbourg. CREDIT: <a href="">Paul Lloyd</a> (<a href="">CC</a>)

DEC 5, 2018 Article

Refining Strategic Autonomy: A Call for European Grand Strategy

Europe has come to realize that the United States is no longer the stalwart ally of the Cold War era. With the resurgence of China, ...

CREDIT: Camelia.boban <a href="">Wikimedia Commons</a>

NOV 5, 2018 Article

The Ethics of Personal Data Collection: A Spectrum of Experiences from Kenya, India, and The Gambia

Many advocates now depend on mobile apps and crowdsourced data to address violations of human rights, such as physical assaults on women in India. In ...