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DEC 22, 2017 Article

Climate Change Might Give Your Grandfather a Heart Attack: Changing Public Perception to Drive Action

"Climate change" is often framed as something that will occur in a distant time and place. But, as Mikaela Bradbury writes, it is already affecting ...

President Trump with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, March 2017. CREDIT: <a href="">The White House</a> (Public Domain)

NOV 28, 2017 Article

Don't Be Fooled by Cosmetic Changes: The West-Saudi Alliance Is More Morally Dubious Than Ever

"Aside from inertia and vague promises of support in fighting terrorist groups, there is little to justify the continuation of the close relationship between self-professed ...

Coltan/tantalum mining, Congo. CREDIT <a href="">Responsible Sourcing Network</a>

OCT 11, 2017 Article

Let’s Be Frank: The Impact of Dodd-Frank and International Legislation on Congolese Extractive Industry

President Trump proposes killing off elements of the Dodd-Frank Act that require energy and mineral resource companies to hold U.S. companies accountable for their ...

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SEP 27, 2017 Article

The Evolution of Corporate Ethics: A Strategic Case for Profit Maximization through Responsible Behavior

"We are now transitioning from a world where philanthropic social contributions, i.e., Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), influenced behavior, to one where authentic Positive Impact ...

A community poll worker in Cabrican, Guatemala records the names of participants in the referendum and hands out ballots, October 2010. CREDIT: Katherine Fultz

AUG 9, 2017 Article

Community Referenda on Mining in Guatemala

Katherine Fultz spent a total of three years in Guatemala studying environmental and cultural politics. "By using referenda to make a statement about mining," she ...

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JUL 17, 2017 Article

Recalibrating the U.S. Strategy for the War on Drugs

With Mexico in mind, it's time the U.S. recalibrated its strategy for the decades-long War on Drugs. "A policy that addresses the violent threat ...

Courtesy of Naveen Kumar Emmadi

JUN 19, 2017 Article

Steps To Resolve the Suicide Crisis among India's Farmers

In 2015, government statistics reported that over 12,000 farmers committed suicide, with bankruptcy/indebtedness cited as the top reason for ending their lives, and the numbers continue ...

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MAY 8, 2017 Article

Syrian Women: Peace Will Come only with Accountability

There can be no lasting peace in Syria without justice for detainees and accountability for war crimes. says Syrian Women's Committee Member Mariam Jellabi. Syrian ...

The Battle of Manila Bay, May 1898. CREDIT: <a href="">Wikimedia/Public Domain</a>

APR 21, 2017 Article

The Main(e) Concern in the South China Sea

On the 119th anniversary of the start of the Spanish-American War, the U.S. is facing another potential maritime conflict, this time with China. What ...

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MAR 28, 2017 Article

President Trump's Dangerous Foreign Policy Know-Nothingism and the Lessons of Nixon and Kennedy

Kennedy kept his cool. Nixon fell to pieces. How will Trump behave under stress--a president who not only lacks a coherent theory of statecraft or ...