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FEB 9, 2007 Article

The U.S. Must Redefine "Fair Trade"

For the U.S. to justify and prolong its international leadership, it must ensure that the rest of the world can access the benefits of ...

Three Gorges Dam. CREDIT: <a href="" target="_blank"> Pedro Vásquez Colmenares</a>

JAN 10, 2007 Article

Ethics Be Dammed? China's Water Projects

While the World Bank has greatly reduced its loans for large dams,the Chinese are going full-speed ahead with a spate of dam projects, both ...

Bolan Pass, Baluchistan, Pakistan. Photo by Sheryaar.

DEC 18, 2006 Article

ROUNDTABLE: Baluchistan and the War on Terror

Is the rugged province of Baluchistan a haven for al-Qaeda and the Taliban? How do Pakistanis and Afghans view the situation there?

The Good Fight

NOV 17, 2006 Article

REVIEW: The Good Fight

In the wake of the Democrats' return to power, Council Associate Marcus Roberts examines liberal foreign policy approaches through Peter Beinart's new book.

China's New-Rich and Global Responsibility

OCT 13, 2006 Article

China's New-Rich and Global Responsibility

China's authorities have recently come under fire from foreign governments and human rights groups for Chinese business practices in other countries. Eisenman and Stewart delve ...

The J Curve

SEP 7, 2006 Article

REVIEW: The J Curve

National trade deficits usually get worse before they get better.This pattern resembles a "J" on graphs and so economists call it the J curve. ...

AUG 7, 2006 Article

Democracy Cannot be Imposed by Force

While democratic states tend to protect their own citizens and tend to be more peaceful, does it follow that democratic systems ought to be imposed ...

JUL 13, 2006 Article

We Could Fight Drugs Together

In the growing confrontation between the United States and Iran, there is one area which has been overlooked and could provide an area of mutual ...

JUN 21, 2006 Article

Stop the Bleeding of American Legitimacy

Branding the suicides of three Guantanamo detainees "an act of asymmetric warfare"&nbsp;is an act of superpower suicide. The global perception of a disregard ...