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DEC 1, 2023 Journal

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DEC 1, 2023 Journal

EIA Fall 2023 Issue: Lethal Autonomous Weapons, Global Governance, Climate Optimism, and more

The editors of Ethics & International Affairs are pleased to present the Fall 2023 issue of the journal. The issue features a roundtable on global governance and ...

Launch of OSIRIS-REx, September 2016, Florida. CREDIT: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

NOV 29, 2023 Article

A Human-Centric Epic for NATO Space Domain Awareness

In this report on NATO's annual space policy summit, Visiting Fellow Zhanna Malekos Smith analyzes the challenges the institution faces in the final frontier.

NOV 16, 2023 Journal

How to End a War: Essays on Justice, Peace, and Repair

NOV 16, 2023 Journal

Regulating Weapons: An Aristotelian Account