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Lady Justice statue in Dublin Castle, Ireland. Credit: Picpick

NOV 3, 2023 Article

Ethics as a “Science of Happiness” in Cyber International Relations

In this Platonic dialogue looking at the U.S. ethical and strategic goals in cyberspace, Visiting Fellow Zhanna Malekos Smith presents differing viewpoints and "systems ...

OCT 16, 2023 Journal Online Exclusive

What We've Been Reading

Welcome to our roundup of news and current events related to ethics and international affairs! Here’s some of what we’ve been reading this ...

Jerusalem at night. CREDIT: joiseyshowaa.

OCT 11, 2023 Article

Terror Attacks in Israel: A Complete Rout of Ethical Principles

Carnegie Council President Joel Rosenthal condemns Hamas' shocking terror attacks in Israel. What are we to make of such a complete rout of ethical principles?

OCT 6, 2023 Article

A Conversation with Carnegie Ethics Fellow George Shadrack Kamanda

This new interview series profiles members of the inaugural Carnegie Ethics Fellows cohort. This discussion features George Shadrack Kamanda.

2023 BRICS Summit in South Africa. CREDIT: GovernmentZA.

OCT 5, 2023 Article

A Requiem for the Rules-Based Order: The Case for Value-Neutral Ethics in International Relations

With the U.S.-led "rules-based" world order seemingly at its endpoint, how can Western nations adapt? Visiting Fellow Arta Moeini analyzes the "Great Transition."

OCT 4, 2023 Article

“Middleware” and Modalities for the International Governance of AI

Senior Fellow Anja Kaspersen proposes governance "middleware," which connect and align existing AI governance efforts and pave the way to more enforceable measures in future.

Moon. CREDIT: Greg Hewgill.

OCT 3, 2023 Article

Howling at the Moon? China’s Wolf Warrior Transition in Space

As Xi Jinping's China tries to soften its "wolf warrior" style of diplomacy, how is this reflected in its space policy?

SEP 29, 2023 Article

Envisioning Modalities for AI Governance: A Response from AIEI to the UN Tech Envoy

This submission details ways to enact an AI governance framework that builds on existing resources and can have an immediate effect.

SEP 8, 2023 Journal Online Exclusive

EIA Fall 2023 Remote Editorial Internship

Ethics & International Affairs, the journal of the Carnegie Council, seeks a remote intern for the fall.

AUG 31, 2023 Journal

EIA Summer 2023 Issue: Espionage and Counterintelligence, Multilateralism, AI, and more!

The editors of Ethics & International Affairs are pleased to present the Summer 2023 issue of the journal. The issue features a book symposium on the ethics ...