Global Ethics Weekly: Iran Tensions & Secretary Shanahan, with Asha Castleberry

May 30, 2019

National security expert and U.S. Army veteran Asha Castleberry breaks down the rising tensions with Iran and John Bolton's influence at the White House. She and host Alex Woodson also discuss the pluses and minuses of having former Boeing executive Patrick Shanahan in charge at the Department of Defense and she gives advice on how to figure out who or what to believe in this chaotic political environment.

For more from Castleberry, check out her Global Ethics Weekly podcast from this past January and her fall 2018 U.S. Global Engagement (USGE) event with Ali Wyne, hosted by Nikolas Gvosdev. She is also a member of the USGE Working Group

This discussion also references recent podcasts with Adelphi University's Jonathan Cristol and Senior Fellow Reed Bonadonna

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