Global Ethics Weekly: Millennials, Climate Change, & Foreign Policy, with Nikolas Gvosdev

May 23, 2019

Senior Fellow Nikolas Gvosdev discusses the generational divide in U.S. politics in the context of foreign policy and the environment. What are the international implications of initiatives like the Green New Deal? What would an "America First" environmental policy look like? And what happens if the U.S. continues to take a backseat on this issue?

This podcast references recent Ethics & International Affairs blog posts from Gvosdev on the generational divide and competing ethical visions on climate change and a March 2019 New York magazine article from Eric Levitz, titled "Far-Right Climate Denial Is Scary. Far-Right Climate Acceptance Might Be Scarier."

For more from Gvosdev, check out the resources from his U.S. Global Engagement program

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