The Struggle for Recognition in International Relations, with Michelle Murray
October 10, 2019
Michelle Murray, Stephen Pampinella
Gen Z, Climate Change Activism, & Foreign Policy, with Tatiana Serafin
October 15, 2019
Tatiana Serafin, Alex Woodson
The Power of Tribalism, with Amy Chua & Walter Russell Mead
October 3, 2019
Amy Chua, Walter Russell Mead, Roger Berkowitz
Making AI Work, Ethically & Responsibly, with Heather M. Roff
October 7, 2019
Heather M. Roff, Alex Woodson
Climate Change Law, Island Nations, & the UN, with Maxine Burkett
September 26, 2019
Maxine Burkett, Alex Woodson
The End of the U.S.-Taliban Talks? with Jonathan Cristol
September 18, 2019
Jonathan Cristol, Alex Woodson
The Climate Reality Project & Environmental Activism, with Brian Mateo
September 9, 2019
Brian A. Mateo, Alex Woodson
The Model International Mobility Convention, with Michael Doyle
September 4, 2019
Michael W. Doyle, Alex Woodson
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