The Ethics of Gene Editing & Human Enhancement, with Julian Savulescu
December 11, 2019
Julian Savulescu, Alex Woodson
Carnegie New Leaders Podcast: Designing an Ethical Algorithm, with Michael Kearns
December 4, 2019
Michael Kearns, Geoffrey M. Schaefer
Gene Editing Governance & Dr. He Jiankui, with Jeffrey Kahn
December 2, 2019
Jeffrey Kahn, Alex Woodson
Gene Editing: Overview, Ethics, & the Near Future, with Robert Klitzman
November 20, 2019
Robert L. Klitzman, Alex Woodson
The Ethical Algorithm, with Michael Kearns
November 6, 2019
Michael Kearns
Fighting ISIS Online, with Asha Castleberry-Hernandez
November 8, 2019
Asha Castleberry-Hernandez, Alex Woodson
Migration in the Americas, Empathy, & Politics, with Daniela Segovia
October 29, 2019
Daniela Segovia, Alex Woodson
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