The Doorstep

An initiative of the U.S. Global Engagement program


The Doorstep is an innovative international news podcast that invites listeners to recognize that all global news is local in a borderless internet. Hosted by award-winning professor of journalism Tatiana Serafin, with author and international relations scholar, Nikolas Gvosdev, The Doorstep seeks to challenge insular thinking and broaden listener perspectives. Each week, Serafin and Gvosdev will tackle new topics and regions discussing why they matter to a rising young electorate changing the shape of the United States today.

Listeners are encouraged to send questions in via Twitter, to @TatianaSerafin or @CarnegieCouncil, or via

The Doorstep will be posted on a roughly bi-weekly schedule through the Fall and Winter and will feature international affairs experts as guests. 

This podcast is an initiative of Carnegie Council's U.S. Global Engagement program.


October 9, 2020: Spy Games & Trump's Health, Pence vs. Harris, & Europe's Refugee Crisis, with Politico's Nahal Toosi

September 25, 2020: Financial Scandals, Trump vs. Biden, & What To Do About China