Julia Taylor Kennedy

Center for Talent Innovation; Former Carnegie Council Staff

Julia Taylor Kennedy is senior vice president and senior fellow at the Center for Talent Innovation, where she drives qualitative research and writes reports on gender and diversity in the workplace.

Previously, she was a program officer at Carnegie Council.

Taylor Kennedy has advised speakers for platforms like the World Economic Forum and the United Nations, and collaborated on articles published in Forbes, Time, and academic journals. She has designed and facilitated sessions at The Conference Board, the UN and Carnegie Council, among others. Taylor Kennedy also hosted and produced 51%, a public radio show on gender issues, and reported for NPR and NPR member stations. She earned a MA of international relations from Yale University and a journalism degree from Northwestern University.

Featured Work

DEC 15, 2011 Podcast

Disruptive Management: Fostering Transparency, Dialogue, and Innovation in Today's Business Climate

Technological innovation and the spread of social media have created a bevy of new considerations for companies, such as learning how to engage in meaningful ...

DEC 6, 2011 Podcast

Ken Kraft on Leadership and Ethics Training in Financial Institutions

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DEC 5, 2011 Podcast

Ethics Matter: Economist and Development Expert Jeffrey Sachs

Jeffrey Sachs discusses America's economic and moral crisis; development aid; the Occupy Wall Street movement; and the mobilization of youth around the world, fighting for ...

NOV 15, 2011 Podcast

Justin Harlow on Political Risk and Investment in Emerging Markets

Justin Harlow discusses investing in the energy sector in emerging markets. He is the founder and managing partner of Tau Energy Partners, an energy investment ...

NOV 3, 2011 Podcast

Angela M. Kelley on Ethics and U.S. Immigration Policy

Angela Maria Kelley, of the Center for American Progress, talks frankly about the difficult practical and ethical questions surrounding U.S. immigration, and the inconsistent ...

OCT 27, 2011 Podcast

PepsiCo's Donna Hrinak on Public Policy and Business in Latin America

In a wide-ranging conversation, former U.S. ambassador Donna Hrinak discusses her regional responsibilities in Latin America, and her global work with other food and ...

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OCT 24, 2011 Podcast

Entering India: Creating an Ethical Multicultural Business

In this interactive, case-based workshop, CEO Ashok Vasudevan shares how he bought a failing company and turned it into an ethical, innovative, and highly successful ...

OCT 13, 2011 Podcast

Ethics Matter: Conversation with Moral Philosopher Peter Singer

Utilitarian philosopher Peter Singer lives up to his beliefs, giving away 25-30 percent of his income to alleviate absolute poverty, and defending animal rights--or as ...

OCT 3, 2011 Podcast

Ethics Matter: Economist and Foreign Aid Specialist William Easterly

The best system for discovering new approaches is not to have one planner at the top trying to decide what are going to be the ...

SEP 27, 2011 Podcast

Yahoo! and YouTube: Balancing Human Rights and Business

How do companies such as Yahoo! and YouTube decide on whether disturbing material should be banned from their sites? What are the free speech and ...