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NOV 11, 2008 Article

Don't Give Up on Globalization

Globalization is an attitude of openness, and whether in cultural attitudes or economics, openness improves the lives of citizens by expanding opportunities for choice, says ...

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OCT 24, 2008 Article

Beyond Microfinance: Entrepreneurial Solutions to Poverty Alleviation

Although microfinance has helped millions of individuals to survive, it doesn't create much real economic growth, says Michael Strong. But some organizations are moving beyond ...

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SEP 25, 2008 Article

Public Diplomacy and the 2008 Election

Hidden in the U.S. presidential election is the promise of a renewed emphasis on public diplomacy. But how will America renew a lost love ...

Five International Questions for the National Basic Income Debates

AUG 29, 2008 Article

ROUNDTABLE: The Nation-State

The nation-state is an anachronistic myth which should be shed once and for all, declares Devin Stewart. Gvosdev and Andelman disagree.

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JUL 1, 2008 Article

In Search of Common Ground: The Role of a Global Ethic in Inter-Religious Dialogue

Initiatives such as "A Common Word Between Us" and Hans Küng's Global Ethic may mark the beginning of constructive dialogue between the West and ...

<a href="" target=_blank>UNHCR / A. Di Loreto / July 2007.</a> Refugees Risk<br />Their Lives Traveling from Africa to Europe

JUN 10, 2008 Article

Asylum in the EU: Between Ideals and Reality

Those who question the moral significance of borders often invoke the EU as a model of post-national belonging. Yet for asylum-seekers, "Fortress Europe" remains a ...

Life on the Mekong, Cambodia, by <a href="" target=_blank">Tharum Bun</a> <a href="" target=_blank">(CC)</a>

APR 4, 2008 Article

Damming Public Opinion: The Risks of China's Economic Diplomacy in Cambodia

From Africa to Southeast Asia, China's economic diplomacy carries risks. A case in point is Cambodia, where many believe that China's projects are harming the ...

Five International Questions for the National Basic Income Debates

MAR 12, 2008 Article

Five International Questions for the National Basic Income Debates

The "national basic income" concept is energizing a growing number of political theorists and leaders. However, the "one-country-at-a-time" approach has a regrettable tendency to sideline ...

<a href="" target=_blank">A Long Day's Dying</a> by Eric Reeves

FEB 7, 2008 Article

A Central African Affair: Chad's Insurgency Highlights Ongoing Genocide in Darfur

The international community could act to stop the genocide in Darfur. For example, it could pressure China and enact an EU trade and investment moratorium. ...

Antarctica 2001, Photo by <a href="" target=_blank>Pathfinder Linden</a> at Flickr

JAN 8, 2008 Article

Can Antarctica Be Preserved?

Antarctica is unique in that it has no governing body, no electorate (or citizens), and no permanent human inhabitants. One of the greatest ethical dilemmas ...