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Map of Colombia

DEC 4, 2007 Article

A Human Rights Argument for the Colombia Free Trade Agreement

Many human rights and labor rights leaders argue that the U.S. should not reward Colombia with a permanent free trade agreement right now because ...

The Israel-Palestine Conflict

NOV 1, 2007 Article

The Israel-Palestine Conflict: Necessary World Efforts Prior to a U.S.-sponsored Conference

Wadlow suggests three points that the world community should press the U.S. to include in the upcoming conference: Hamas should be invited; a wider ...

Charm Offensive: How China's Soft Power Is Transforming the World

OCT 2, 2007 Article

Book Review: Charm Offensive

Kurlantzick sees a need for the U.S. to counter China's soft power, but avoids making any ethical judgment on its questionable elements, specifically China's ...

Kim Jong-il

SEP 6, 2007 Article

Engaging "Evil:" Searching for an Ethical Approach Toward North Korea

The temptation to focus on regime change as the solution to all the problems posed by Pyongyang is strong. But attempts to overthrow the regime ...

Gallows. Photo by <a href="" target="_blank">El Struthio</a> (<a href="" target="_blank">CC</a>).

AUG 7, 2007 Article

ROUNDTABLE: The Death Penalty Debate

Does the death penalty make the U.S. a rogue state? Arguments for and against capital punishment.

JUN 27, 2007 Article

ROUNDTABLE: Blair's Ethical Legacy

"To view Blair through Iraq alone is to ignore his extraordinary legacy in the areas of liberal interventionism, international development and climate change," says Roberts, ...

Beijing, China

JUN 4, 2007 Article

Next Year in Beijing?

When will China publicly acknowledge what really happened on June 4, 1989? Just as in Taiwan, change in China must surely come from within. But the rest ...

MAY 18, 2007 Article

U.S. Should Not Waver on U.K. Visa Policy

In the interests of security, should the U.S. end the visa waiver for British Muslims? The cost is far too high, says Frank Spring, ...

APR 2, 2007 Article

The United States Must Choose a Global Role to Fight Terrorism

Is isolationist unilateralism (the "Israelization" of America) an acceptable U.S. response to globalized terrorism? No, argues Spring, for both practical and ethical reasons.

Map of Kurdistan

MAR 2, 2007 Article

Three Suggestions For How To Improve Matters in Iraqi Kurdistan

The danger Kurdistan faces is overwhelming. Their peripheral region falls between two hostile capitals, Ankara and Tehran. Below, what is now known as the world’...