C2GTalk: What can small islands bring to tackling the climate crisis? with Ronny Jumeau

Jul 17, 2023 42 min listen

Small islands face devastating impacts from climate change, not just from rising seas, but from threats to their economic underpinnings such as fishing and tourism. In this C2GTalk, Ronny Jumeau explores the challenges of adaptation, and outlines the expertise climate nations can bring to tackling the climate crisis, especially through nature-based solutions in the ocean. He says islands must be at the table when considering new climate-altering approaches, but is wary of efforts that might divert resources and end up as a distraction.

Ronald (Ronny) Jumeau is a former cabinet minister and ambassador of the Republic of Seychelles. He is now an independent consultant specializing in advisory services in the climate change, conservation, and sustainable development (including the ocean and blue economy) nexus from an island and ocean state perspective.

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