Special Preview: May Day and Occupy Wall Street

May 1, 2012

This "Just Business" preview features two Occupy Wall Street (OWS) activists. OWS has hibernated a bit since New York City shut down its flagship encampment in November. May Day has long represented labor rights and on this May Day, OWS will try to reinvigorate public interest.

In a May Day preview of this week's Just Business podcast, host Julia Taylor Kennedy speaks with two Occupy Wall Street activists. Also known as International Workers Day, May Day has long represented labor and migrant rights around the globe.

Occupy Wall Street has hibernated a bit since New York City shut down the movement’s flagship encampment in Zucotti Park in November, meeting regularly in issue-oriented working groups but cutting back on public actions. May Day 2012 represents an effort to reinvigorate public interest.

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