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Human Security is National Security in a Time of Pandemic

Wednesday, July 22, 12:00pm - 1:00pm

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This event is being conducted virtually through Zoom and YouTube Live. To join the webinar on Zoom, please click here

At the "Vox Populi" webinar held on May 27, 2020, the question of the relationship of human security to national security was a point that came up in the discussion, with a number of participants wanting to explore this further. Please join us for a virtual conversation on this issue with Professor Derek Reveron, chair of the U.S. Naval War College's National Security Affairs Department and a faculty affiliate at Harvard Kennedy School's Belfer Center, on Wednesday, July 22, from 12:00 to 1:00 PM ET. In a talk moderated by Senior Fellow Nikolas Gvodsev, he will discuss how subnational and transnational forces—religious and ethnic conflict, climate change, pandemic diseases, poverty, terrorism, criminal networks, and cyberattacks—that threaten human beings and their communities across state borders intersect with national security, especially in an era described as "great power competition."

With this issue in mind, what are the implications for how politicians and policymakers conceptualize American foreign and defense policy in the 2020s, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic? How should the United States reconsider the ways it looks at national security?

Derek Reveron specializes in strategy development, non-state security challenges, and United States defense policy. He served as a governor-appointed commissioner on the Rhode Island Cybersecurity Commission and as a member of the Board of Thinkers for the Boston Global Forum. He is the co-author (along with Kathleen Mahoney-Norris) of Human and National Security: Transnational Challenges.

Please join us for what is sure to be a fascinating and memorable conversation. You can register for the webinar on Zoom here.