Emerging Technology

Framing ethical perspectives

Emerging Technologies are technologies whose development and/or practical applications are still largely unrealized. If left unchecked, these technologies could exacerbate inequality and empower autocrats, destabilize society, and destroy the concept of privacy. Carnegie Council’s events, experts, and impact initiatives, such as the Artificial Intelligence & Equality Initiative (AIEI), focus on the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and related technologies and aim to map the field, illuminate topics requiring further research, and build a diverse community of experts, with the goal of ensuring that AI is developed and deployed in a just, responsible, and inclusive manner.

Featured Emerging Technology Resources

Artificial intelligence, climate-altering technologies, and more

NOV 3, 2021 Podcast

Time for an Honest Scientific Discourse on AI & Deep Learning, with Gary Marcus

In this episode of the "Artificial Intelligence & Equality Initiative" podcast, Senior Fellow Anja Kaspersen sits down with Gary Marcus, a cognitive scientist, author, and entrepreneur, to discuss the need for an open and healthy scientific discourse on AI. What we can learn from particle physics and CERN to create an ...

APR 26, 2022 Podcast

The Promise & Peril of Brain Machine Interfaces, with Ricardo Chavarriaga

In this "Artificial Intelligence & Equality" podcast, Senior Fellow Anja Kaspersen talks with Dr. Ricardo Chavarriaga about the promise and peril of brain-machine interfaces and cognitive neural prosthetics. What are the ethical considerations and governance challenges in using computational tools to create models or enhance our brains?