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Articles, Papers, and Reports

Carnegie Council - Articles, Papers, and Reports - Photo by Jean-Etienne Minh-Duy Poirrier

This section includes Articles, Papers, and Reports from Carnegie Council staff, programs, associates, essay contests and other sources.

Carnegie Council provides an open forum for discussion. Views expressed are not necessarily those of Carnegie Council.


Can Wars Ever be Just or Are Wars Merely Justifiable?: The Conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo | 02/05/2016 Louise Boshab From the standpoint of ethics of war, the conflict in the eastern region of the DRC would be deemed to be justifiable because it fills the criteria of war for a just reason and of legitimate war. On the other hand, in this ethical context as well we find ourselves not able to attribute any just qualities to the act of war, because war needs to preserve its independent identity.

Deterrence or Disarmament?: The Ethics of Nuclear Warfare | 02/04/2016 Kayla Giampaolo Is using a nuclear weapon morally permissible under some circumstances? Is it ethical to implement nuclear deterrence (threatening to use atomic weapons) as a self-defense strategy?

Human Rights in Asia and the West | 01/28/2016 Jiyoung Song The geographical, national, or ethnic East-West division in human rights thinking is increasingly irrelevant. Instead, multiple layers of horizontal solidarity have been formed through global networks, and liberals in both regions have been significantly marginalized.

Values and the Ethics of International Order | 01/28/2016 Jean-Marc Coicaud At a time when U.S. primacy is in doubt, when many are concerned that China might become a global political power, when the threat of radical Islam goes hand in hand with anti-Western attitudes, the question of the right repertoire of values, along with the legitimacy and ethics of the international order, could not be more important.

The "Singapore School" of Asian Values: Down But Not Out? | 01/26/2016 See Seng Tan When the Asian financial crisis of 1997 blunted the so-called "Asian Economic Miracle," critics--many Westerners, but also Asians tired of the tendentious claims of their cultural elites--bid good riddance to the end of "Asian values." Yet the "Singapore school" could well experience a revival in the foreseeable future, albeit in a different form.

International Holocaust Memorial Day, January 27: What We Can Still Learn | 01/26/2016 Gene Klein Holocaust survivor Gene Klein: "On Holocaust Memorial Day we remember the suffering, death and destruction of the camps. This year I also ask you to make a human connection to today's refugees. When you see them on your television or in your community, try to walk in their shoes."

Competing Moral Claims over the Nuclear Power-Weapons Crossover | 01/22/2016 Katsuhiko Mori "Although the military–industry complex remains resilient, the only ultimate solution to nuclear danger and the best disaster prevention is a nuclear-free world in both military and civil terms."

The Reduction of Mass Atrocity Crimes in Southeast Asia, the Responsibility to Protect (R2P), and the Individual Responsibility to Protect (IR2P) | 01/22/2016 David Frank For a variety of reasons, Southeast Asia has experienced a significant reduction in mass atrocity crimes in the last 30 years. Frank suggests that R2P and the individual responsibility to protect (IR2P, advanced by Edward Luck and Dana Luck), when yoked, can help entrench, sustain, and strengthen norms that help prevent mass atrocity crimes.

The Concept of Humane Democracy and a New Global Order | 01/21/2016 Ilsup Ahn "Differing from liberal democracy whose political goal is rather negatively conceived in a sense of protecting individual rights, the concept of humane democracy is envisioned to promote humanity's higher and nobler ethical ideals such as building solidarity, upholding diversity, and enhancing the capabilities of all, beyond protecting individual rights."

Rethinking U.S. Strategy Towards China | 01/21/2016 Joshua Eisenman "To improve U.S. policy towards China to avoid, and yet be prepared for, conflict requires going beyond simplistic applications of international relations theory. It means opening the 'black box' of China's policymaking process to understand why it makes the decisions it does and how this process has and is changing."

Asia in the 21st Century: Strategic Realignments amidst a Changing Balance of Power | 01/21/2016 Rajan Menon Despite some setbacks, to the extent that quantifiable indices of power matter, and the historical evidence shows that they do, America's international position bids fair to be unsurpassed for a decade, if not longer. Yet China's emergence as a putative challenger for global primacy has already produced changes in alignments across Asia.

The Death of a Pacifist?: On Akiyuki Nosaka's Death | 01/12/2016 Kei Hiruta The Japanese writer Akiyuki Nosaka died last month. He is best known, internationally, for his semi-autobiographical novel "A Grave of Fireflies," made famous by Studio Ghibli's animated film adaptation. What is his legacy?

Report: Conference on Cultural Rights, Copenhagen, Denmark, November 2015 | 11/24/2015 Helle Porsdam Can cultural rights become a global discourse for supporting inclusive social and political development, and for fostering intercultural dialogue for the mutual understanding of cultures? And can cultural rights become a prime mover--an enabler and driver for development by providing a much-needed cultural legitimacy for human rights?

Beyond Paris: The Refugee Crisis in Europe | 11/19/2015 David C. Speedie, Amber Kiwan "Closing borders in the West will not only worsen the already unimaginable human rights disaster that asylum seekers are facing, but it will also add fuel to the Eurosceptics' fire as they work to destabilize the European Union. And this is all compounded by the fact that closing borders doesn't work."

Why France Should Not Close Its Borders | 11/16/2015 Kavitha Rajagopalan Since September 11, 2001, both the U.S. and Europe have merged anti-terrorism strategies with immigration policy, and with little success.

Jiyoung Song on Asia and the West: "Whose Century?" | 11/05/2015 Jiyoung Song, Devin T. Stewart Is this the end of the American Century, the beginning of an Asian Century, or none of the above? Is there a model for the state in Asia? Is there a common set of values? Is there a set of ethics that will be attractive to the rest of the world? These are just some of the questions that Jiyoung Song addresses in this interview on Asia and the West.

Back to the Drawing Board: What the Recent Peace Agreement Means for South Sudan | 10/22/2015 Claire Metelits Will South Sudan's President Kiir really remain committed to the August 2015 peace agreement that ended the civil war? Claire Metalits has studied South Sudan and its vast challenges for over 20 years, and has her doubts. Find out why.

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Prospects and Challenges | 10/14/2015 Ankit Panda, Devin T. Stewart After nearly five years of difficult talks, 12 Pacific Rim states have finalized the text of the TPP, a free-trade agreement that has the potential to change the face of global commerce. Ankit Panda of "The Diplomat" spoke to Carnegie Council's Devin Stewart, who worked on the preliminary blueprint for the TPP earlier in his career.

Messrs. Obama and Putin: Put Syria and Syrians First | 10/01/2015 David C. Speedie While the U.S. and Russia disagree over the fate of Assad, they share a self-interested resolve to defeat the ISIL forces that now control large swathes of eastern Syria. It is frustrating to look on as the two leaders snipe at each other over how to accomplish this--rather like two Neros fiddling while Rome, or in this case Damascus, burns.

Democracy as Myth and Fact | 09/22/2015 Joel H. Rosenthal "Do democracies have the capacity to adjust? Can they expand their ideas of national interest to tackle collective challenges? Can they function in ways that serve the weak as well as the strong? I am an optimist. But the results are not certain."

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