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Articles, Papers, and Reports

Carnegie Council - Articles, Papers, and Reports. Image by CREDIT: Shutterstock

This section includes Articles, Papers, and Reports from Carnegie Council staff, programs, associates, essay contests and other sources.

Carnegie Council provides an open forum for discussion. Views expressed are not necessarily those of Carnegie Council.


No Place for Eritreans | 03/22/2017 Abraham T. Zere Eritreans are fleeing their repressive homeland at the rate of 5,000 a month. Yet once they manage to leave, new dangers await these hapless refugees, from extortion to violence and death. How can the world turn its back?

Integrating the Roles of Women into Japan's Climate Change Strategies | 03/02/2017 Atik Ambarwati Among Shinzo Abe's most important initiatives are Cool Earth 50 to reduce greenhouse gases and Womenomics to increase women's participation in the labor force. Yet despite women's important roles in agriculture and environmental protection at many levels, when it comes to the environment, women's contributions and potential have been ignored.

Is Nationalism an Asset or a Hindrance in Today's Globalized World? | 02/24/2017
"Nationalism is a hindrance to the world as a whole, slowing down globalization and driving the world apart. A system of organization must suit all 7 billion people, not the privileged few: we must move away from nationalism."

Nationalism: A Reason for Optimism | 02/24/2017
"In the end, there is something that we ought to take from the example of Korean nationalism. Nationalism can indeed exist along with globalization, without causing a hindrance."

The Bane of Nations: Nationalism in the Modern World | 02/24/2017
"Today, a European Pole might rub shoulders with an Iraqi while walking in the streets of Shanghai, and in Los Angeles an Ecuadorian store owner might sell shirts to a Ghanaian customer. The traditional notion of nationalism simply cannot exist in this multicultural amalgamation."

Globalization vs. Nationalism. Gross National Product vs. Gross National Happiness | 02/24/2017
This could be our best century--a century of triumphant globalization. And this could be our worst century--a century of triumphant nationalism. But then, is it an either-or question? Why do we regard globalization and nationalism as mutually exclusive with the former invariably considered a virtue and the latter a vice?

Rekindling Nationalism through Symbolism: Asset or Hindrance to Globalism? | 02/24/2017
Globalization is a forum, a union of the world's nations to collaborate as a family. However, for all to be heard, all must be on a level playing field. Developing nations like India require citizens to work together to reach the goal of an equal say. Hence for India, nationalism--a cultural unification to rekindle the sense of belonging and confidence--is indispensable.

Coexistence in the World of Nations | 02/24/2017
"Why don't we then just write off nationalism as an unacceptable element from the past (similar to racism and imperialism)? There are two main reasons. First of them is that in certain circumstances nationalism might have cohesive power in a society. It can be used to boast certain positive trends. Secondly, nationalism is a resilient and adaptable enemy."

Nationalisms: Constructive and Destructive | 02/24/2017
The goal of peace in the 21st century is likely to be advanced far less by grand projects aimed at nationalism's demise and more at the hard, practical work of revising nationalist feelings to maximize their constructive potentials.

Nationalism Version 2.0 is Congruent with Globalization | 02/24/2017
Dr. Gadanya's research shows that people approve of and identify with the achievements of other countries when these achievements are of potential benefits to them, their countries, and the global community. He calls this nationalism 2.0, concluding that while nationalism is not always congruent with globalization, nationalism 2.0 is a global win-win.

Nationalism: A Modern Asset | 02/22/2017
"We are currently living in the rapidly globalizing world of the 21st century. This means that the barriers of communication and cultural exchange are eliminated. Consequently, nationalism grows into a crucial asset to have and will always be essential, especially in this open world. As an example, take my home country, Indonesia."

Stoking the Flames of Competitiveness on an Overheating Planet | 02/15/2017 Michael Aprea "Although consumer responsibility and global collaboration in an endeavor to reverse global warming trends are laudable, it is important to recognize the risks these steps pose on global trade, the citizens of developing countries, and the debt developed nations have as beneficiaries of the first fruits of fossil fuels."

Ethics, Undocumented Immigrants, and the Issue of Integration: Making a Better Life for Everyone in New York City | 01/05/2017 Yohan Garcia "Given that many undocumented immigrants live invisibly for a long time, the NYC Municipal ID card truly acknowledges their existence. It was, and still is, worth the risk and the right thing to do. We owe undocumented immigrants a certain obligation of hospitality."

Process or End Goal: When to Begin Genocide Prevention | 01/05/2017 Megan Gray "This discussion ultimately will help the public to understand that preventative actions need to take place if violence is to be thwarted. We can't wait until we are in the midst of a war to resolve conflict."

The Ethics of Climate Change Activism: Fear vs. Reality | 12/21/2016 Chelsea Zantay "The time has come to act on climate because we can no longer afford not to. We know what consequences are in store for us if we continue on our current trajectory."

Articles Resulting from Carnegie Council Gender Research Delegation to Tokyo, November 2016 | 12/19/2016
In November 2016, the Asia Dialogues program led a group of 12 Pacific Delegates from seven countries and a diverse set of professional backgrounds to Tokyo to examine moral issues around gender equality in Japanese society. Read articles about the visit, written by delegation members.

The Question Is: Can the UN Survive the Trump Era? | 12/07/2016 Barbara Crossette The United Nations will swear in António Guterres as its ninth secretary-general on December 12, when the organization will be only weeks away from the inauguration of Donald Trump and the potentially most threatening, hostile political opposition to the UN ever assembled in Washington, DC.

Donald Trump. . . . . Commander-in-Chief | 11/28/2016 Jeffrey D. McCausland Donald Trump is now president-elect. Despite the bitter opposition that occurred throughout the campaign, all Americans should want him to be successful. This is particularly true for his most important role as commander-in-chief, as he must deal with a variety of significant threats.

Carnegie Council's 2016 Gender Research Delegation to Tokyo, Japan | 11/22/2016 Devin T. Stewart Twelve delegates from seven countries and diverse professional backgrounds visited Tokyo to examine moral issues around gender equality in Japanese society. They participated in classroom discussions, expert lectures, cultural activities, and site visits, and described the trip as "eye opening" and "life-changing."

Briefing Paper on Climate Engineering | 10/28/2016 Janos Pasztor, Simon Nicholson, David Morrow Climate engineering is defined as large-scale, deliberate intervention in the Earth system to counteract climate change. Two major sets of techniques are usually included: those that could remove significant amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and those that might offset the amount of incoming solar radiation in order to cool the planet.

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