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It’s the Fears not the Fear Mongering that We Should Focus On | 03/27/2015 Dov Waxman "Instead of focusing on Netanyahu's fear mongering, let's focus on trying to assuage Israeli fears. Only then will Israelis vote for someone who really supports Palestinian statehood."

Russia's Orthodox Soft Power | 03/23/2015 Nicolai N. Petro Russia's values are often overlooked, or treated simplistically as the antithesis of Western values. We should understand that the close relationship between the Orthodox Church and the state provides Russia's foreign policy with a definable moral framework, one that given its popularity, is likely to continue to shape policies well into the future.

The Nemtsov Tragedy, and the Blame Game | 03/04/2015 David C. Speedie Since Boris Nemtsov's murder in Moscow on February 27, we have been regaled by a range of ill-informed conspiracy theories, writes David Speedie. Yet Putin would have almost nothing to gain, and something to lose, from Nemtsov's fate. Speedie argues that there is another theory that is as chilling as it is plausible.

Then and Now: Eight Lingering Questions on U.S.-Russia-Ukraine | 02/26/2015 David C. Speedie In March 2014, David Speedie posed eight questions on the Ukraine crisis. With an ongoing civil war in Ukraine some 15 months after the Maidan rebellion and overthrow of Ukraine's elected president, it seems time for eight new questions reflective of the ongoing crisis, and of the consequent relentless downward spiral in U.S.-Russia relations.

Ukraine: The New Cuban Missile Crisis? | 02/23/2015 Rajan Menon, Devin T. Stewart "There can be no military solution to the war in Ukraine, only a political one," says Carnegie Council Global Ethics Fellow Rajan Menon, co-author of "Conflict in Ukraine: The Unwinding of the Post-Cold War Order." "And sending arms to Ukraine to gain political leverage against Russia will set back prospects for a solution."

Letter to 2114, a Century from Now | 02/06/2015 Joel H. Rosenthal "At the beginning of our hundredth year, I wrote a letter to Andrew Carnegie, reporting on the progress of our Council and the prospects for the more peaceful world that he so fervently desired. Tonight I'd like to share with you a brief letter to the future. With any luck, maybe our successors will find it as they prepare for the council's bi-centennial in 2114."

"Why Korean Unification Is Not a Selfish Wish" by Eunice Yoona Lee | 02/04/2015
"Considering the nature of today's major global issues, regional conflicts like that in Korea must be solved foremost in order for humanity's progress toward world peace, global partnership, and moral integrity to be continued without hindrance--Korea must return to its unified state, not just for the good of its own citizens but for a better future of the world."

"Imagining a Better Future: Trust in Our Protectors" by Angela Yoon | 02/04/2015
"In order to rebuild peace in this century of discord, nations who have or are currently experiencing strife should pursue Security Sector Reform (SSR), with the support and assistance of the international community."

"Peace" by Cadel Watson | 02/04/2015
"The chaotic nature of recent years should serve as an example of the dangers of allowing cultural hatred to dominate the decision making of the planet. There are concrete and implementable ideas that nations and the international community can use to create peace throughout the world."

"Hopes for the Next Century: Religious Tolerance" by Kavya Deshpande | 02/04/2015
"It is vital that humanity seizes the 21st century to establish liberalism in the field of faith. There is still a long and arduous path ahead, but it is undeniable that religious tolerance will make the world a better place."

"What's Needed Is the Emergence of a New Mind-Set" by Ademola Adekunbi | 02/04/2015
"We must each work to remove the labels that we have imbibed over the years. Black does not equal gangster; Muslim does not equal terrorist; and Nigerian does not equal scammer."

"'Acta Non Verba' (Deeds Not Words)" by Joshua M. Asaro | 02/04/2015
"If we are to see growth in our society in the next hundred years, we have got to see an end to the days where words supplant deeds."

Abenomics Meets Womenomics | 02/02/2015 Devin T. Stewart Working women have long struggled to make their way in Japan, even in comparison to their counterparts in other advanced countries. But now many Japanese companies are acting to change that on their own--a shift that could provide a much-needed boost to the country's economy.

Romania: On the Edge of a Democratic Cliff? | 01/23/2015 Patrick Basham Responding to Teo Stan's article written just before Romania's November 2014 elections, Patrick Basham argues that unfortunately, Stan was over-optimistic. "On the ground in Romania, the opposite of Stan's forecast is happening. Democratic institutions are under threat and the forces of democracy are in retreat."

Leveraging Networks for Impact, Part 2: Best Practice Roundtable | 01/21/2015 Winthrop Carty On November, 2014, Carnegie Council and the Melton Foundation convened a group of representatives of leading global networks to investigate how to measure and maximize their impact. Read about the discussion, take-aways, and next steps.

Cuba's Pivotal Role on the World Stage | 01/09/2015 Lynn Holland One might not think that a small island like Cuba could play a critical role in world politics. Yet the circumstances of Obama's decision to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba should prompt us to see the country in a new light. We should examine the role of Russia in this event, as well as the repercussions in the rest of Latin America.

Public Health in Brazil | 12/15/2014 Valeria Guimarães de Lima e Silva Few countries in the world match Brazil's pledge to provide universal, free health care as a constitutional right. This promise extends far beyond routine check-ups and vaccinations. How is this ambitious goal being carried out in practice?

Lawlessness: Malaysia and Its Law of Rules | 12/03/2014 Jayson Browder With restrictive laws and harassment touching NGOs, journalists, religious and ethnic minorities, and the LGBT community, Malaysia's rule of law problem cannot be ignored. How can the country's "rotting" institutions be reformed?

On the Verge of Democratic Consolidation: The Romanian Presidential Elections | 11/07/2014 Teodor Stan It was David against Goliath in the Romanian presidential elections, and David won! For valuable background, read Teodor Stan's in-depth analysis of the complex political situation in his native country, written just before the election.

Brazil at a Crossroads: The 2013 Protests and the Upcoming Presidential Elections | 10/23/2014 Valeria Guimarães de Lima e Silva Who will win the Brazilian election on October 26, and which--if either--of the candidates is more likely to fulfill the demands of the protesters who took to the streets in 2013? How much change can either of them offer, given the entrenched political status quo and the economic problems facing the country?

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