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Articles, Papers, and Reports

Carnegie Council - Articles, Papers, and Reports - Photo by Jean-Etienne Minh-Duy Poirrier

This section includes Articles, Papers, and Reports from Carnegie Council staff, programs, associates, essay contests and other sources.

Carnegie Council provides an open forum for discussion. Views expressed are not necessarily those of Carnegie Council.


Report: Conference on Cultural Rights, Copenhagen, Denmark, November 2015 | 11/24/2015 Helle Porsdam Can cultural rights become a global discourse for supporting inclusive social and political development, and for fostering intercultural dialogue for the mutual understanding of cultures? And can cultural rights become a prime mover--an enabler and driver for development by providing a much-needed cultural legitimacy for human rights?

Beyond Paris: The Refugee Crisis in Europe | 11/19/2015 David C. Speedie, Amber Kiwan "Closing borders in the West will not only worsen the already unimaginable human rights disaster that asylum seekers are facing, but it will also add fuel to the Eurosceptics' fire as they work to destabilize the European Union. And this is all compounded by the fact that closing borders doesn't work."

Why France Should Not Close Its Borders | 11/16/2015 Kavitha Rajagopalan Since September 11, 2001, both the U.S. and Europe have merged anti-terrorism strategies with immigration policy, and with little success.

Jiyoung Song on Asia and the West: "Whose Century?" | 11/05/2015 Jiyoung Song, Devin T. Stewart Is this the end of the American Century, the beginning of an Asian Century, or none of the above? Is there a model for the state in Asia? Is there a common set of values? Is there a set of ethics that will be attractive to the rest of the world? These are just some of the questions that Jiyoung Song addresses in this interview on Asia and the West.

Back to the Drawing Board: What the Recent Peace Agreement Means for South Sudan | 10/22/2015 Claire Metelits Will South Sudan's President Kiir really remain committed to the August 2015 peace agreement that ended the civil war? Claire Metalits has studied South Sudan and its vast challenges for over 20 years, and has her doubts. Find out why.

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Prospects and Challenges | 10/14/2015 Ankit Panda, Devin T. Stewart After nearly five years of difficult talks, 12 Pacific Rim states have finalized the text of the TPP, a free-trade agreement that has the potential to change the face of global commerce. Ankit Panda of "The Diplomat" spoke to Carnegie Council's Devin Stewart, who worked on the preliminary blueprint for the TPP earlier in his career.

Messrs. Obama and Putin: Put Syria and Syrians First | 10/01/2015 David C. Speedie While the U.S. and Russia disagree over the fate of Assad, they share a self-interested resolve to defeat the ISIL forces that now control large swathes of eastern Syria. It is frustrating to look on as the two leaders snipe at each other over how to accomplish this--rather like two Neros fiddling while Rome, or in this case Damascus, burns.

Democracy as Myth and Fact | 09/22/2015 Joel H. Rosenthal "Do democracies have the capacity to adjust? Can they expand their ideas of national interest to tackle collective challenges? Can they function in ways that serve the weak as well as the strong? I am an optimist. But the results are not certain."

Refugee Mass Exodus: Need for a UN-led World Conference | 09/15/2015 Rene Wadlow "Only a UN-led world conference with adequate research and prior broad discussion can meet the challenges of worldwide migration and continuing refugee flows. This year's UN General Assembly would be a most appropriate time to pass a resolution to organize such a UN-led world conference."

No Peace in Syria without Justice | 09/15/2015 Najib Ghadbian "Only when the culture of impunity in Syria is addressed will the prospect for a political solution become genuinely viable, and can we begin to stop the flow of refugees from pouring into Europe," declares Dr. Najib Ghadbian, special representative to the UN and the U.S. for the Syrian National Coalition.

Let's Be Realistic About the "Military Option" Against Iran | 09/11/2015 M. Thomas Davis Three dozen retired generals and admirals recently signed a letter supporting the agreement with Iran and declaring it a better option than military action. Why? Because they know that the benefits of such a campaign are doubtful while the costs are certain, says Gulf War veteran Col. Tom Davis, who cogently lays out the pitfalls of using force.

Compromise and Rotten Compromises: A Reflection on the Iran Deal | 08/20/2015 Joel H. Rosenthal Ultimately, will the Iran nuclear deal be a good compromise or a rotten one? For an ethicist, one question lingers. Why did the American-led negotiators de-link the nuclear issue from every other issue? If the agreement enables Iran to pursue its most malign policies by other means, the deal may prove rotten after all.

Bringing Ukraine Back Into Focus: How to End the New Cold War and Provide Effective Political Assistance to Ukraine | 08/19/2015 Nicolai N. Petro Peacemaking efforts in Ukraine have failed because two crises must be addressed simultaneously. The first is the crisis within Ukraine over whether it should be a monocultural or bicultural nation. The second is the crisis in Russian relations with the West. The key is viewing Russia as part of the solution, rather than as the problem.

Possible Future Worlds: Essays by Carnegie Council's Ethics Fellows for the Future | 08/17/2015
This booklet is the result of a six-month online course taken by the Ethics Fellows for the Future, based on Carnegie Council Fellow Thong Nguyen's e-book, "Of All Possible Future Worlds: Global Trends, Values, and Ethics."

"Soft Power": The Values that Shape Russian Foreign Policy | 07/30/2015 David C. Speedie In the increasingly frigid environment of U.S.-Russia relations, much attention is given to what may be seen as Russia's strategic "interests." Of at least equal significance for understanding Russian attitudes, however, is a grasp of the values, the moral framework for Russia's foreign policy.

The Ethics of Nuclear Power: Reflections on Carnegie Council Site Visit to Fukushima, Japan | 07/24/2015 Devin T. Stewart As part of Carnegie Council's Global Ethical Dialogues site visits to eight countries around the world, in June 2015 the Council led a team of researchers, fellows, faculty, and students to conduct interviews in Japan on the ethical implications of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident.

Namie Township, Fukushima, Japan, Case Study | 07/24/2015
This case study of ethical decisions, developed by Learning Initiative Inc., is based on archival data at Namie Township, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, from the March 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis.

U.S.-Russia Relations: Critical and Unstable | 07/02/2015 David C. Speedie "What was a troubled relationship is now on life support, and the deterioration has taken place in the most existentially perilous area of arms control, specifically nuclear weapons," says David Speedie. How can the United States and Russia move from "zero-sum" to "constructive engagement"?

Migrant Deaths Worldwide | 06/08/2015 Kavitha Rajagopalan There is no going back to a world in which migration can be prevented. The only solution to the global crisis of migrant deaths is to merge humanitarian efforts to aid and rescue migrants with coordinated, cooperative efforts to open safe, long-term migration channels throughout regions, and even the world.

Next Generation Insights on Ethics and International Affairs | 05/26/2015
This spring, the Council invited students from around the New York metro area to submit abstracts on their original research in ethics and international affairs. After reviewing many excellent submissions, we chose the best to present their work. The presentations were judged by an expert panel. The winner was Stacee Glass, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy.

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