Foreign Policy & the 2020 Democratic Candidates, with Nikolas Gvosdev

June 19, 2019

CREDIT: Paris Malone (CC)

Will Joe Biden's "restorationist" foreign policy resonate with voters? What would a "progressive" approach to international relations look like for Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders? What role will foreign policy play in the 2020 Election? Senior Fellow Nikolas Gvosdev looks at these questions and more as he and host Alex Woodson discuss a crowded 2020 Democratic primary field. 

Last week's Global Ethics Weekly podcast featured Gvosdev speaking about U.S.-Russian relations in the context of great power competition, the war in Ukraine, and the G-20 summit. For more on the 2020 Democratic candidates and foreign policy, check out Gvosdev's blog posts for Ethics & International Affairs

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