Global Ethics Weekly: Statelessness & Ethnonationalism in India & the U.S., with Kavitha Rajagopalan

October 4, 2018

Senior Fellow Kavitha Rajagopalan explains the troubling situation in Northeast India near the border with Bangladesh, where millions of citizens could end up stateless. With denaturalization increasing exponentially under the Trump administration, what are the parallels with what's happening in the United States? Is this all due to the rise of ethnonationalism in both countries?

This podcast is part two of last week's Global Ethics Weekly with Rajagopalan, which focused on refugees. The Nation recently published an article by Rajagopalan discussing many of the same issues, "Building Immigrant Communities in the Trump Era." 

This podcast also contains an excerpt from this 2014 talk with Suchitra Vijayan, writer, photographer, lawyer, and founder of the humanities collective The Polis Project. You can find more on her "Borderlands" project at

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