Suchitra Vijayan

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Suchitra Vijayan is a writer, lawyer, photographer, and political analyst and the executive director and founder of The Polis Project. She is the author of Midnight's Borders: A People's History of Modern India.

Featured Work

OCT 13, 2021 Podcast

Global Ethics Review: Midnight's Borders, with Suchitra Vijayan

"What does it mean for us to think about these border regions beyond the questions of international security?" asks Suchhitra Vijayan, the author of the ...

JAN 31, 2019 Podcast

Global Ethics Weekly: Violence & Nationalism in India & the U.S., with Suchitra Vijayan

As founder and executive director of the Polis Project, a research and journalism organization, Suchitra Vijayan is helping to document a concerning trend of identity-based ...

DEC 3, 2015 Podcast

Suchitra Vijayan on the Politics and Rhetoric of the Refugee Crisis

The co-founder of the Resettlement Legal Aid Project in Cairo during the Iraq War, Suchitra Vijayan discusses the refugee crisis from a legal, political, and ...

APR 7, 2015 Podcast

Militarization in India & Beyond: Suchitra Vijayan & the Borderlands Project

What's it like to live in a disputed, militarized border region with a tangled history? In this fascinating podcast, Carnegie New Leader Suchitra Vijayan discusses ...

Suchitra Vijayan. CREDIT: Gusta Johnson

NOV 20, 2014 Podcast

Citizenship, Identity, and Conflict in South Asia's Borderlands

The intrepid Suchitra Vijayan is working on a 9,000-mile journey through South Asia, which has taken her to Afghanistan and Pakistan, the disputed territory of ...