Global Ethics Weekly: Expertise in the Era of Trump, with Joel Rosenthal

September 13, 2018

Responding to excerpts from U.S. Naval War College's Professor Tom Nichols and best-selling author and economist Dambisa Moyo—and the hostile anti-expert tone of the Trump era—Carnegie Council President Joel Rosenthal discusses how he approaches his area of expertise, international relations. How did we end up here? And is there reason for optimism when looking at younger generations?

This podcast contains excerpts from Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Devin Stewart's interviews with Nichols on his book The Death of Expertise and Moyo on her book Edge of ChaosMoyo's 2009 best-seller Dead Aid is also referenced. You can find more on that book in this Public Affairs talk and this Ethics Matter interview

For more from Rosenthal, check out his recent essay "The Assault on Ethics" and its accompanying Global Ethics Weekly podcast.

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