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  • The Doorstep: Haiti on the Precipice of Change, with Emmanuela Douyon & Jean Eddy Saint Paul 09/15/21
    Emmanuela Douyon, Jean Eddy Saint Paul,
    Politicé's Emmanuala Douyon and Brooklyn College's Jean Eddy Saint Paul join "Doorstep" co-hosts Nick Gvosdev and Tatiana Serafin to discuss lessons learned from Haiti's interconnected history with the U.S. and how these ideas could help the country out of its current political crisis. As the region's first Black republic and with a growing population of U.S. citizens living there, what does Haiti's future look like? How can the U.S. more effectively engage its near neighbors in the Caribbean? 
  • After 20 Years of Grey Wars, a Moment to Consider a Different Course 09/10/21
    Joel H. Rosenthal
    "As we approach the 20-year commemoration of 9/11, a chapter in the history of U.S. foreign policy is closing," writes Carnegie Council President Joel H. Rosenthal. How have the "grey" wars that followed changed the rules of engagement and influenced the United States domestically?
  • Twenty Years Since 9/11: Grey Wars, American Values, & the Future of National Security 09/09/21
    N. W. Collins, Sean McFate, Joseph L. Votel, Joel H. Rosenthal,
    In the 20 years since the 9/11 attacks, national security decisions have tested the values of American democracy. This panel, hosted by Carnegie Council President Joel Rosenthal, examines lessons learned from the past two decades of conflict and the role that ethical action must play in helping to provide security while adhering to democratic principles. National security experts N. W. Collins, Sean McFate, and General Joseph Votel share their thoughts on these critical issues.
  • Protests in Perspective: Racial Justice & Democracy in 2021, with Adom Getachew 09/07/21
    Adom Getachew , Alex Woodson,
    One year after the global protests in response to the murder of George Floyd, where are we in terms of racial justice? In this podcast, University of Chicago's Adom Getachew looks back on the Carnegie Council/Open Society University Network "Protests in Perspective" series and discusses some early impressions of the Biden administration and details the status of protest movements around the world. Where has progress been made? How can we continue to move these conversations and actions forward?
  • The Doorstep: What's Next for Biden's Asia Pivot? with Paul Saunders 09/02/21
    Paul Saunders, Nikolas K. Gvosdev, Tatiana Serafin,
    "Doorstep" co-hosts Nick Gvosdev and Tatiana Serafin are joined by Paul Saunders, president of the Energy Innovation Reform Project, to evaluate Vice President Kamala Harris' recent trip to Singapore and Vietnam and enumerate moves by the U.S. to engage partners in Southeast Asia. What are U.S. regional priorities and how are they related to doorstep issues? How will China and Russia respond to U.S. assertiveness?
  • The Ethics of Exit from Afghanistan 08/23/21
    Joel H. Rosenthal
    Carnegie Council President Joel H. Rosenthal discusses the post-9/11 evolution from counterterrorism to counterinsurgency and analyzes the ethics surrounding the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. He argues that, "if there was an ethical failure by the United States, it was not in the decision to leave. The failure was in its initial execution. In leaving any partnership, it most certainly matters how you do it."
  • The Doorstep: The Future of Afghanistan Roundtable Discussion, with Ali M Latifi & Said Sabir Ibrahimi 08/19/21
    Ali M Latifi, Said Sabir Ibrahimi, Nikolas K. Gvosdev, Tatiana Serafin,
    Ali M Latifi, Kabul-based journalist for Al Jazeera English, and Said Sabir Ibrahimi, non-resident fellow with NYU's Center on International Cooperation, join "Doorstep" co-hosts Nick Gvosdev and Tatiana Serafin to discuss what is happening on the ground in Afghanistan and the expectations for the country's future. Will the promises of a Taliban 2.0 in 2021 differ from the 1990s? Can the country recover economically to meet the needs of a new younger generation? What is the responsibility of the international community? "The Doorstep" gets behind the scenes of the current media reporting.
  • The Doorstep: How Shipping Can Help Reenergize Globalization, with BIMCO's Peter Sand 08/05/21
    Peter Sand, Nikolas K. Gvosdev, Tatiana Serafin,
    BIMCO shipping analyst Peter Sand joins Carnegie Council Senior Fellows Nick Gvosdev and Tatiana Serafin to discuss how the effects of the pandemic on shipping--container shortages, port congestion, demand outstripping supply (from ketchup to semiconductors)--are creating an opportunity for world leaders to re-embrace globalization. Can the Infrastructure Bill proposed by President Biden promote U.S. competitiveness in global trade or will geopolitics and China get in the way?
  • Artificial Intelligence, Justice, & the Rule of Law 07/29/21
    Renée Cummings, Nicholas Davis, Anja Kaspersen,
    In this episode of the Artificial Intelligence & Equality Initiative podcast, Senior Fellow Anja Kaspersen is joined by Thunderbird School of Global Management's Nicholas Davis and University of Virginia's Renée Cummings to discuss the impact of AI-based technologies on justice, the rule of law, and law enforcement operations.
  • The Ethics of Global Vaccine Distribution, Part Three, with Florencia Luna 07/27/21
    Florencia Luna, Alex Woodson,
    In the third podcast in a series on the COVID-19 pandemic and the ethics of global vaccine distribution, FLASCO's Dr. Florencia Luna details the situation in Latin America and the difficulties faced by middle income countries. What can COVAX and vaccine-rich nations do differently in the face of this continuing public health crisis? How can all nations make sure the world is better prepared for the next pandemic?
  • The Doorstep: Biden's India Strategy, with Dhruva Jaishankar 07/23/21
    Dhruva Jaishankar, Nikolas K. Gvosdev, Tatiana Serafin,
    The U.S.-India relationship is a central part of the Biden-Harris administration focus on the Indo-Pacific region. Ahead of U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken's trip to Delhi next week, Carnegie Council Senior Fellows Nick Gvosdev and Tatiana Serafin discuss India's role in the QUAD, vaccine diplomacy, growing bilateral economic ties, and the youth revolution with Dhruva Jaishankar, executive director of Observer Research Foundation America.
  • The Heartbeat of Iran: Real Voices of a Country and Its People, with Tara Kangarlou 07/21/21
    Tara Kangarlou, Nikolas K. Gvosdev, Tatiana Serafin,
    In today’s interconnected global village, Iran remains a mystery to much of the rest of the world―especially to those living in the United States and the West. In "The Heartbeat of Iran," Tara Kangarlou takes us on a journey into everyday life in Iran, where we meet the diverse people who make up the country’s delicate socio-cultural, political, and religious mosaic. Kangarlou discusses all this and more with Senior Fellows Tatiana Serafin and Nikolas Gvosdev.

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