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Isaac Stone Fish is the founder and CEO of Strategy Risks. He is also a Washington Post Global Opinions contributing columnist, a contributor to CBSN, an adjunct at NYU's Center for Global Affairs, a visiting fellow at the Atlantic Council, and a columnist on China risk at Barron's.

Featured Work

MAY 6, 2022 Podcast

For Companies, Could China Be the Next Russia? with Perth Tolle

After Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the global financial backlash was swift and unprecedented: Dozens of financial institutions cut off their exposure to the Russian market ...

FEB 22, 2022 Podcast

Media Engagement in China: A Series of Ethical Questions

In the 1950s, Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev bemoaned that the United States wouldn’t even sell buttons to the Soviet Union. "Buttons can hold up ...

L to R: Isaac Stone Fish, Sarah Cook, Devin Stewart. CREDIT: Amanda Ghanooni

MAY 29, 2019 Podcast

China's Political Influence on Democracies, with Sarah Cook & Isaac Stone Fish

China is radically expanding its strategy to wield influence in the domestic politics of other countries. This information campaign is designed partly to bolster China's ...

Chinese stamp commemorating the Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship in 1950. CREDIT: <a href="">Wikimedia/Public Domain</a>

JUL 18, 2018 Podcast

China's "Opinion Deterrence" with Isaac Stone Fish

"I think it's important to contrast what China is doing with what Russia is doing," says Asia Society's Isaac Stone Fish. "Russia influence operations and ...

Statues of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il at the Mansu Hill Grand Monument, Pyongyang. CREDIT: <a href="">J.A. de Roo (CC)</a>

JUL 18, 2017 Podcast

Isaac Stone Fish: Facts and Fiction on North Korea

Asia Society's Isaac Stone Fish is working on a novel set in Pyongyang, but he's also looking for the truth in the "world's most opaque ...